Cafe's I built


Well a while ago I created this machine for a Customer from an old Snotter, the customer wasnt sure I could pull off the look with this motorcycle as it was in a right mess, but I assured him that I have no problems with the build and he will soon be riding the bike […]


Knighter rides for Honda TT Legends.. ?

My Brother sent me this, so I thought I would Blog it. For those who do not know about the Knighter, well he is a legend in the Off road Scene and by off road I mean things like GNCC and GBXC, he dominates on Enduroes as well as Last man standing events. David Knight […]

Cafe's I built

El Frijolito The little Bean Cafe Racer

                                                                           EL FRIJOLITO CAFE RACER 1975 CB750 F SUPER SPORT               I was fortunate to get this motorcycle from the Original owner, its a good and bad thing as the poor guy did a lot of work to the machine back in the day, but unfortunatly, the drink got […]

Cafe's I built


This is the CB750 on the left I am re-creating into a Cafe Racer for John.   Well, here we are again, but this time a guy up in Salt Lake City, sent me his beloved CB750 HONDA that he has owned from new, and wanted the ” Carpy” touch added to his machine as […]