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Welcome to my website, I am stoked that you have found time to sit down and take a small journey into yesteryear.

This little shop is what I really always dreamt of, and am living my dream to it’s fullest.

Located in Southern California, I have settled in a great part of the USA, Of course, I am creating Cafe Racer Motorcycles, as well as parts and Apparel etc. But I also have a huge passion for Hot Rod’s, as to me, they are just like the stripped down Motorcycles that I create and boy do they have tons of history too.

I hope you enjoy the pages of what I do and if I can help at all just drop me an email at carpy@carpyscaferacers.com

The phone lines get busy, but I am open from 8am-6pm and you can contact me on my shop phone at: 714-996-4597 now, if the machine comes on, I am either on the other line, packing and shipping parts or dropping a bike off, I will get back to you always.

I know I know, the ORIGINAL Cafe Racer was in fact a Brit bike, Triumph, Norton, B.S.A. etc etc.

Now as these are now hard to locate parts for and require so much servicing these days, I like to use my Metric set ups for simple running, speed and reliability.


I still love Brit bikes and am purchasing a New 2013 Thruxton but hope to build a Triton for myself.


But my bread and butter has been the good old CB750 Honda.

I know to some purist it’s not their cup of tea, and I totally understand this, but what I do with the stock bike is give it a slight British styling that Honda should of brought out back in the day.

Unless you have ridden one of these machines, you really will not understand how fun, strong and easy to ride these Classic metric 4’s really are.

But let me just clear this matter up, Cafe Racers have been around in Europe since the 1940’s,  and I hope they continue for many decades as yet.


I am just doing what I love, and I hope that you may like some of the things I do, many people have got the Cafe Racer bug now and that is so cool to see.



I built mine here in the states over 11 years ago in the O.C. and nobody had them at all, so to see many on the road now is just a great thing for me, i’ts a fun time and of course the camaraderie is priceless. Enjoy what ever you build into a Cafe, any brand is cool in my eyes.

I stick with the inline 4’s as the parts are easier and I have had many many of these, but have built Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s and of course Bsa, Norton and Triumphs.

Just have fun with what you do and hope to meet you someday at a show.

Have fun and welcome once more to my Cafe Racer World.

Peace and Grease




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