ANTIQUE NATIONALS- Great Sunday out.

Well Sunday was a bloody Hot day to be at the drags but for some cool rides and great racing, the Antique nationals is always a fun event.
Below Marky of the Shifters, puts his ” Purple people Eater” through it’s paces and this time the Altered is pretty much sorted and puts the power down to the Tarmac, I think the photographers were expecting that Epic 4 wheel Arial run from last year, but it was sweet, she hooked and launched, good job Marky.

Always great to see the Hot rods run and this time on the 1/4 mile so they can really stretch their Flathead powered legs.

Awesome atmospher and everyone is friendly at this Annual event.

I’m not the best camera guy but wanted to capture as much as I could in the heat.

Diane Branch gets into it and love seeing Girls race and she was quick too.

The staging lanes had some cool rides getting ready to let it all go on the 1/4.

Squeak Bell of the Shifters runs his Chopped rod and is sat right in the backseat area, so Nostalgic and fun to watch,albeit my wobbly filming but was trying to watch him and film at the same time.

Cragar powered Midget looked so awesome, but took too long to make a pass, but got hm sitting on the track.

Always love the Gassers and plenty of them to see at Fontana this weekend too.

Diane Branch takes the Win, great to see and of course hear.

My mate Charles Girlfriend Runs her coupe and gets away well, only to be pipped at the end.

I love Motorcycles as you know.

The WL surely was a fun and fast machine for its time and still running strong.

Always great to see a couple of Trumpys going at it.

Let’s hope next year we get more bikes to race each other.

 photo 002_zps35888f1f.jpg

Plenty to see and love the step side.

 photo 003_zpsaf1edcd8.jpg

Pick ups are popular as ever and the weather was perfect for today’s racing at Fontana.

 photo 004_zps71279f75.jpg

Trumpy sits after going to Tech and ready to race.

 photo 005_zps67a2facd.jpg


Tom Branch from Pasadena and his oh So Nice Roadster awaits his tech band and then he is ready too.

 photo 006_zpse1250bd3.jpg

Great to see a modified and it was fast fr a four banger too.

 photo 007_zps63632379.jpg

Gassers, freight trains and mountains with the Sun out, superb day ahead.

 photo 008_zps87c1d4f7.jpg

Love the little A-Bone and it was fun seeing this machine get a work out on the 1/4 mile.

 photo 010_zpsbbb7db63.jpg


Love this and would be awesome as a shop delivery, Acme sponsored. ” American Company Making Everything”

 photo 012_zps4f8fedd8.jpg



Diane Branch getting her ride Teched.

 photo 013_zps7f396705.jpg

Squeak Bell of the Shifters sits and awaits tech.

 photo 016_zps29bb69e4.jpg

Braver man than me, half naked and in an Altered too!

 photo 017_zpsb8b43655.jpg

Nice little Scalloped T awaits a check.

 photo 018_zpscd462d95.jpg

Yes please, loved this Caddy- same color as my Triumph too.

 photo 019_zps3fffc5be.jpg

Loved these two just sat on the tarmac, the roadster is just right.

 photo 020_zpse6b8d158.jpg

I so wanted that Roadster just right in every way for me.

 photo 021_zps7070532f.jpg

Just chilling before the call to get o the strip.

 photo 022_zpsad2d4141.jpg

Cool 5 window with slicks, awaits the call.

 photo 023_zps9609fc15.jpg

Loved this Midget and boy what a slick Mill.

 photo 024_zpsc06f6665.jpg

Nice to see still around.

 photo 025_zps5ad87fb9.jpg



Three window on the strip at half gallop and sounded great.

 photo 026_zps2b8cf3ed.jpg


Such a Clean 29 Roadster and ready to take it for a blap up the strip.

 photo 027_zps4bb9a0ce.jpg

Great day to see so many rides stretch their legs.

 photo 029_zpsc9ff4fa6.jpg


 photo 030_zps5d8ff341.jpg


Roadster pick up was Blown, but not a fan of Yellow though.

 photo 031_zpsd324ddb9.jpg

This 5 window was so sweet.

 photo 032_zpsa4903132.jpg

How can you not love a Gasser, looks fast just standing there.

 photo 033_zps1126939e.jpg

Gimme, Gimme, Gimmee!

 photo 034_zpsb7c23e94.jpg

Hanging out at the track.

 photo 035_zps0e75db5f.jpg

A Brace of rare tin that’s for certain.

 photo 036_zps995c51db.jpg

Bills three window is right on the money and a Genny 32 too, how rare is this these days.

 photo 037_zps2cebebb7.jpg

Yes please bill, I will gladly look after this for you.

 photo 038_zpsa99544f9.jpg


Such a period Hot Rod and was stoked to see and hear it.

 photo 039_zps0b9c1c23.jpg

Would love to have this Coupe in my driveway.

 photo 040_zps8f654100.jpg

Dakota checks out the Roadster, hopefully we shall have another soon.

 photo 041_zpse1b8ee20.jpg


Pheanton anyone?

 photo 042_zps35fc7e9a.jpg



Sport coupe with a Rumble seat is classic.


 photo 043_zps802ab666.jpg


Little 8BA flatty with Copper water pipes is a great ride.


 photo 044_zpsd9bbfdc8.jpg


Another ride that was great to see, as not too many sport coupes around as rods these days.

 photo 045_zps365f5b71.jpg


I loved this little Modified.

 photo 046_zps94e2bf82.jpg


So perfect a find, see, they are still out there.


 photo 047_zps94985037.jpg


Not a fan of the rim color but to each their own, but a sweet T though.

 photo 048_zpsd17bb6d4.jpg

Even the Grill shell is nice, be so cool to find something like this in an old abandoned shed.

 photo 050_zps79c5158f.jpg


So much cool stuff to see that day.

 photo 051_zpsa1e13cb2.jpg

I love all the flathead motors.

 photo 052_zps85d32f3f.jpg

What a killer Rod, such a nice job and Black is awesome.

 photo 053_zps9137c918.jpg

1939 tear drops and even a quick change rear.

 photo 054_zps912bd0e3.jpg

The belly tank didn’t make a pass on Sunday, would of loved to see it go.

 photo 055_zpsb3278b52.jpg

Double engined Dragster was unique and Two 4 pots would of sounded amazing.

 photo 056_zps7d4506af.jpg


 photo 058_zps8f521e56.jpg

This is the only place you will see rare set ups like this and glad I was there.

 photo 059_zps5c3de7de.jpg

Track nose, nerf bars, dual carb four banger,the whole nine yards, yes please.


 photo 060_zpsa836c2d9.jpg

Such a rare Roadster and seeing a 4 banger with all the speed equipment was a treat.

 photo 061_zps7e3ef247.jpg

A rare Four Banger powered 3 window, boy what a neat ride this is.

 photo 062_zps4f5919f9.jpg

Totally blown away with this set up.

 photo 063_zps51677f74.jpg

And more to see as you walked around.

 photo 064_zps6524fd36.jpg


Hubba Hubba!

 photo 065_zps25c0c8ee.jpg


What a great day to see all this.

 photo 066_zps00f8ab24.jpg

Cant wait for the nest one.

 photo 067_zpsd9878339.jpg

These sounded so good when they were running, an unusual noise too.

 photo 070_zpsf9a3acbc.jpg

Some money thrown into this Bonneville runner deuce.

 photo 071_zps8ab58720.jpg

Love the Motor in this Roadster  too.

 photo 072_zps26a7923d.jpg

 photo 073_zps003a96c0.jpg

The little 5 window A Bone had a wicked engine too.

 photo 074_zps9fb2893e.jpg

Ton of work but it was a strong car.

 photo 075_zpsc5810e60.jpg


But I love the V8’s though.

 photo 076_zps64f30fc0.jpg


Staging lanes at the track.

 photo 078_zps5a7e8af5.jpg

Pllenty of people turned up.

 photo 079_zps91a58049.jpg

Just cool to hang out and see some buddies I had not seen in many years.

 photo 080_zpsb9ea98a1.jpg

Here is where someone’s Grandad was this weekend

 photo 081_zps54d9252e.jpg


Markys Purple people eater did well .


 photo 082_zps693b94e1.jpg

Bit of British tin with the Anglia sit up and Beg Gasser.

 photo 083_zpsf18ded8d.jpg


Marky sets up on the lane ready to hit the loud button.

 photo 084_zps4cfbf50f.jpg


Nice step side with flawless paint hits the strip.

 photo 090_zpsf61711a5.jpg


Flatty powered Rail gets ready to run.

 photo 091_zpsef92f87c.jpg

A warm day for sure but remember, bring a Hat- I didnt.

 photo 092_zps4dd1c9a8.jpg

Little T awaits his time to have a go.

 photo 093_zpsda662eb1.jpg

This was aptly named the brick but the little Motor screams.

 photo 095_zps13289010.jpg

Neat shoe box ford ran great all day long.

 photo 097_zps168a4ed7.jpg


More staging lane activity.

 photo 098_zpsc90eb12d.jpg


Caddy powered roadster and this girl build that ride and races too.

 photo 100_zps5249e6e8.jpg

Such a great day here.

 photo 101_zpsf3863630.jpg


Awesome T trackster was great to watch run.

 photo 102_zps84dd13b1.jpg

Both these cars ran and really well too.

 photo 103_zps5f51b7c2.jpg

These both raced and was a close race too.

 photo 104_zpsc7acfc7d.jpg

Rob of the shifters, towing Squeak Bells rod to the lanes.

 photo 107_zps674a9298.jpg

Shugs Mrs ran her Roadster and Shug ran his, great couple I have known for many years.

 photo 108_zps4d1b66ad.jpg

Shug has this up for sale if interested?

 photo 109_zps4ca4bcb2.jpg

Shuggy hooking up Squeak Bell’s ride.

 photo 110_zps890153ba.jpg

I love Gassers and had a 55 in the UK, so love to see these, Kota has a 56 so we always check the tri-Chvys out.


 photo 111_zpse2eb37d5.jpg

Sweet hearing the Caddy mill at the drags.

 photo 112_zps632551f5.jpg

Nice eh?

 photo 113_zpsa11138a4.jpg

57 Gasser this time


. photo 114_zpsdcbbe9e2.jpg


Busy day on the staging lanes and a plethora of rides to feast your eyes upon.


 photo 115_zps3ed94a7f.jpg


We walked this area a lot and spoke to many faces we knew.

 photo 116_zps33748956.jpg

Just heading to the lanes to race.

 photo 117_zpsc3da21f4.jpg

Cannot get enough of this ride.

 photo 118_zps5a76ef1e.jpg

This fella lives up the road from us in Whittier, drives on the road.

 photo 119_zps039b6a15.jpg


You should try and come out to this event it sure is fun but- bring a hat its HOT!

 photo 120_zps112cdee1.jpg

Getting ready to hit the 1/4 mile.

 photo 121_zps7f8e3cfa.jpg


Trying to keep cool at Fontana can be quite a task.


 photo 122_zpsa0efa658.jpg


Love that Four Banger Motor, Cragar powered.

 photo 123_zpsb8a0bcd1.jpg


Shugs other half, gets ready to Tow Squeak Bell’s Rod out to the strip.

 photo 127_zps1b1055e9.jpg


Great Girl and also dry lakes races too.

 photo 128_zps3405a54f.jpg


Squeak is ready to run.

 photo 129_zps57ba2402.jpg


Rob of the Shifters gets all set on the staging lanes, he is towing another car this weekend as well but is also running the strip in his coupe.

 photo 132_zpsdd1a819e.jpg


Rob gives us the thumbs up as he gets all set to light them up.

 photo 133_zpsf9ebd93f.jpg


Shug looks on as time ticks and the starting line gets closer.

 photo 134_zpsbc6ed8b1.jpg


Yes, plenty of rides to see that day.

 photo 135_zps65dbc722.jpg


Coupes line up and give it their all.

 photo 136_zpsc0357b40.jpg

I spent all day walking around and meeting people, Dakota and I had a great time and so look forward to next year.

 photo 137_zps80e61f89.jpg


Roadster gets into it as he floors the accelerator.

 photo 139_zpse8127cf6.jpg


Love this Roadster.


 photo 140_zpsbbf5c5b6.jpg


This five window sure looks toughs as it awaits the green.

 photo 141_zpsd08a088d.jpg

Gassers are always fun to watch and unpredicatbe as they can wheel stand at any moment.

 photo 143_zpsce4f3183.jpg


Everything goes on the strip.

 photo 144_zps37df6abd.jpg


This Girly will take the win, never race her, she is awesome. That Caddy motor sounds unreal.

 photo 145_zpseb774d1c.jpg


Dont ya love watching all this stuff?

 photo 146_zps613483cd.jpg

Slick stepside threw down a good time too.

 photo 147_zps391fd8a4.jpg


I loved seeing these race, the coupe has my buddies Girlfriend at the wheel.

 photo 149_zps9a2bd8d0.jpg


Diane gets on it and takes the win

 photo 151_zpsb8424bb9.jpg


Great racing all day long.

 photo 153_zps2a58189e.jpg


Coupe and sedan go for it.

 photo 154_zps797c6fa9.jpg


Both flatty powered the truck has rear engine flatty.

 photo 155_zps877eda2e.jpg


Great close racing.

 photo 156_zpsed2216fa.jpg


Awesome sound too when these get on it.

 photo 157_zps39f298b7.jpg


That flatty rail hauls some serious Arse!

 photo 158_zps9872162f.jpg


5 window and Roadster hit the track.

 photo 159_zps9ce4b3a7.jpg


Roadster pick up took the win but the T Tracksers are suprisingly fast.

 photo 160_zps2cb55f6d.jpg


How cool is this shot?

 photo 161_zpsd7615932.jpg


This race looked uneven but were so close, I loved watching the T Model.

 photo 162_zps5609ef46.jpg


All sorts of rides races all day.

 photo 163_zps68425769.jpg


Even some fun time was had too.

 photo 164_zps07f096c4.jpg


The rail was fast and looked well.

 photo 168_zpsa20cae36.jpg


Roadster gets the head on the roadster pick up.


 photo 169_zps71c7c1f5.jpg

This 4 Banger 5 window was so nice.


 photo 170_zpsc5348e01.jpg


When all fails, try a Whizzer to race!

 photo 171_zps08246b54.jpg


A fun day and glad I could share it with you.

 photo 172_zpsc6a7a446.jpg

 photo 173_zpsc46c7fcc.jpg


Shug, the flying Scotsman head to the lanes.


 photo 174_zpse1a39ebf.jpg


Nostalgic real genuine Three Window was such a great thing to see in real life.

 photo 177_zpsfae07225.jpg

Shugs Girlie checking the track out.

 photo 178_zps53a7770a.jpg


Yes- the Camfather- Ed Iskendarian was even there chatting to everyone.

 photo 179_zps80eaffc9.jpg


Shugs Mrs turning around track side in her T Roadster.


 photo 180_zps90045106.jpg


All rides there were great to watch race.

 photo 181_zpse3b74a71.jpg


Squeak takes on another ride.

 photo 183_zpsc436c82c.jpg


Love Gassers.

 photo 184_zps64c2f5ec.jpg


Shug gets all set to lay some Scottish power down the track.

 photo 185_zps4f0370a7.jpg

This 5 window was quick all day.

 photo 186_zps5ad32f01.jpg


Classic stance.

 photo 187_zps4f8185c6.jpg

Never got bored of hearing that Caddy Mill fire up.

 photo 188_zps6a0dea95.jpg

Gassers are such a cool thing to see and never tire of this stuff.


 photo 189_zps87d0fc42.jpg

 photo 190_zps6c3a87d8.jpg


The Shugster cruises back after towing.


 photo 191_zps3944ed49.jpg

So next year, come out to the Antique Nationals as its a heap of fun, we may even be racing there next time.

























Steve Carpenter