Crash Helmets

Well, i thought I would add a few things about the old Brain Bucket, that’s right, the Crash Helmet, by law we have to wear them, OK, some states do not but to be hnest, i feel safer with one on, albeit not a full faced as I prefer the open faced skid lids but this has always been part of my life and thought I would share a few things about the good old Noggin protector on a Blog for you lot.

I have seen many of the years and thought some things would be fun to add on here if I remember any more, but I loved all the old adverts as a kid, being that I read all I could on motorcycle items back then.


Stadium was a well known Brand back home and my Mum, Aunt , Uncle and cousins were all from Enfield, so got to see many of that brand as I rode my little 50cc Suzuki Cafe at 16 years old.

I love the old Skid Lids but for today’s super fast rocket machines, a more protective and of course, streamlined noggin protector is a must.

As a lad I had this poster on my wall, as well as many others, but what my MUM did not realize was the girls were actually naked and they airbrushed the leathers on them.

But, I am sure you will find some of these pics funny and it cheers your day up?


Some are really weird and will make you look twice that’s for sure, as I know I did when I saw one.


These are funny as hell and knew that I should share them with you.

But I am sure many more will pop up on this site as I find others that entertain me and I am sure you lot out there.

Send some in to me, as I can add to this a little later on.

We have come a long way since the old Pudding Basin style crash helmet.

And who knows what will be coming out next?


Its enough to make you go completely mad at times.

Still, other people cannot afford such luxuries as brain buckets and have to improvise, although at times, I wonder what the hell they were thinking.








Steve Carpenter