I left the shores of Blighty back in 1997, but before that I used to regularly attend 2 brilliant Motorcycle shows back home annually, that was Earls Court in London and the NEC in Birmingham. The NEC is still banging out the shows and I feel the UK shows have more atmosphere and more Hands on for the public too.

I mean, you can still ride a trials bike or an Enduro bike at the event on a small course they set up for the public with help and advise as long as you like.

So, my Brother Mick informs me he is off to go to the show with some mates, as e also attends them shows, I asked him to take some pics.

They say a painting paints a thousand words? Not sure about a photo but no need for words else I will be here all day.

So here are a combination of photos I know you will enjoy, at least some of them for sure as they cover all tastes.

So look Below and see what you think.

Thanks Bruv.

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