More Aggressive than a Pit Bull with sore balls.

Well, sometimes there comes a time when ya gotta let go of the cool stuff ya own.

As you lot know, I design and build Cafe Racers out of these baby elephants, and have a heap of fun with them.

This by far is my favorite to date.

And here she is, all ready to have a burn up on the freeway with the modern crotch rockets.

But this will always look cool, no matter what speed you achieve.

The Black Mamba was built by me and has the whole build up on this website.

Now, There are some rare parts on here so I want you to know that these things are now becoming harder to locate than someone without road rage.

This 750 is all set to have miles of smiles and show the rest of the crowd how cool these inline fours are as a Cafe.

I built this 1974 Black mamba as a rideable bike and a fun one, that  re-creates the old 60’s look of the Ace cafe back in London.

My Old man is an original Rocker and I grew up in that era and have always had Cafe styled Motorcycles.

Being British kinda shows in the Cafe’s I build, and, I think, with the almagamation of British looks, Japanese technology and parts and some American tools, these bikes really do look timeless.

I really like the lines of the bike and I have a rare 5 gallon Aluminum knee recessed gas tank that was RACED at Brands hatch in England in the 70’s.

The beginning of the Black Mamba.

A very Cool Cafe, with Classic lines, following the Vintage curves of my Icon of a Cafe, The Vincent.
 Have a look at the pic’s and remember, you can email me for more information, at caferacer@socal.rr.comand I will help all I can.This is a great bike, but, I aint giving it away.It has too many cool parts.The whole build up is on the website under “bikes I have built’ title, so check that out for complete build up story.The frame is powder coated and not painted, as I have found it to out last any paint and very tough against gas and any other liquids that may get spilt on it.

Has Triumph front Rim with stainless spokes and polished hub, with, New bearings and tire.


16 inch Harley rim, laced to a CB750 Hub and drilled rear brake hub.
The front wheel was a Triumph Akront and came from the infamous DON VESCO’S shop a few years ago now, I cut the old spokes out and re-laced to a polished CB750 hub.All hubs have new bearings, no expense on things like that.New tires and new chains etc means a great ride for a lot of miles.

Hear that wild 4 into 1, it barks like a Crazed Dog.
This pulls like a train.

2 powerhouses stood still in time.
Now ready for the new owner.



Steve Carpenter