Well, I thought that it would help if I did a blog, and then later I would add this to the tips page, of how to apply the checker tape etc.

I was the first to start all this many years ago, actually 13 years ago next week and here is how apply my Checker kits.

This is quite easy to be honest, all you need is a clean area, soapy water, in one of the spray bottles, a credit card and a micro fiber cloth.

What I do is clean the area that is going to have the checker tape, and how I do that is use soapy water in a spray bottle that you can buy anywhere.

Now just fine mist that all over the area you are going to apply too, this will get rid of all the dust and static to be honest, then, I simply puff the back of the tape with the water too and then I apply the tape.

Now, you really do need a straight eye for this, so make sure you have a center point, else you could get as crooked as a warped walking stick if you are not careful.

I lay the checker tape in place and then, by using a credit card, I wrap the card in a microfiber cloth or even a tee shirt will do, I then apply even pressure on the tape and draw or pull down quite firmly.

This eliminates all the water and of course, any water bubbles, and smooths everything out.

Now, if you are not happy, you can simply move the checker whilst it is wet, as the soap will help that slide, or you can peel it off, water again and apply and then smooth out, once you are happy, just smooth until the water is out and check the edges for any bumps and hidden water droplets that are hiding.

Now, this is the same process for any thing that you are going to apply to, above was a Rocket 6 seat base that I was getting ready, and now I am going to start on one of my gas tanks.

This has been painted and scuffed, so my decal can adhere to the paint and then after the tape is on and dried, I pin line the outside of the checker to finish the look off.

Did anyone catch the wardrobe change???

Also, if you are still a little stuck, then check my video out below, as this may help?



Steve Carpenter