Dakota Wins at Irwindale Drags!

inflightuav.com Dakota Sun from bordhead on Vimeo.


AMERICAN DRAG from David Harry Stewart on Vimeo.

Dakota had a great Drag Meet this Sunday at irwindale for the Summit Series , his Bronze Star racing ZRX14 took the win all day and came home with another trophy for the cabinet.

A really good day was had by all as we supported Dakota and enjoyed to some great races.

Below Dillon Gives “Aaron pine” Dakota’s pops some advice on how to get a good start!


Weather stayed pretty good with some low clouds in the afternoon and slightly cooler temperatures which made for good racing.

Below “Aaron Pine” is all set as he makes a timed run down the strip, this bike is a consistent machine with many wins and championship titles too!

Troy takes another shot of getting his Suzuki dialed in, unlucky fella usually but this Sunday he put down the Rubber and managed some good times.



Kota Kai is all set as he is about to wring the neck of his ZRX14 out and hit the mid 5’s at Irwindale.


Dakota and Troy Line up, the tree goes and Kota flies off like a Bat out of the Proverbial hell and taking the light.


Flying French Man ” Le Top” Sits astride his Period Kawasaki as he gets to stretch his frog legs out, he is a fun and determined guy.


Le Top and Shorty go at it to set some good times and dial their machines in, weather was great but there were many Left lane clean ups.


Staging Lanes as Dakota and le Top have some friendly Banter in the staging lanes, Dillon is making sure air pressure is where it needs to be.


Shorty and Troy shoot the Breeze as they get ready to run on the 1/8th.


Below, Bob Pines -crew chief for both Dakota and Aaron makes sure all is well, as my buddies from the 59 Club, James Matz, Dietrick Flores and James O’Donnel enjoy this meet up.


Quite a few track clean ups all seemed to be on the Left lane too, this causes a few issues, like getting bloody hot on the staging lane whilst in full Leathers.


It can seem like a hours when you are waiting to get on the track but just part of the event sometimes.


Soon the clouds starting to come in a little bit for some cooler breezes which was much appreciated.



Le top the flying Froggy gets ready to do battle. ” Zis iz Fun”! He Replies!



Kota sporting one of my Nostalgic Tee shirts as they try and stay cool before the call to the strip.



This is always great to see when Dakota and his dad get to race each other, it goes to and fro sometimes and makes for entertainment.





Kota gets the right Lane and is hoping to get the old boy at the light.


Winner! As Kota schools his dad this time, but- there will be many more runs like this through the season and can go either way! Jennifer sticks her Thumb up to say good lad as her son gets one more win!


Aaron now out of the race this weekend sits and chin wags with the Wacky froggy of Le Top Racing, a fun guy for sure.


Troy gets another go at the track on his Suzuki. a little nervous but its great to watch.




Le Top gets ready to bung on his Skid lid, as Aaron politely tells him his tire is as much use as a french goalkeeper!


Le Top gets on the track and has a by- so an easy win for him but he now will get to the final.

Le Top gives it the Beans as he gets the Much needed by and gets into the finals easily.


Kota gets the Far lane as he takes on Troy and here they warm the tires up to get plenty of traction.


Dakota’s Grandad makes sure he is bang on the good part of the Track and gets set on the line.


Time to focus and get another win as Dakota is all set to hit the loud button and head for a 5.57 dial in.



Kota takes out troy and is now in the finals and against the Jolly Green Giant. Le top!  As Aaron messes with his Dial in time on the ladder Bar!

All in good fun as both riders sit at the staging lanes, this is a great place to see all thats going on,

Time to get ready, as My girlfriend and Dakota’s Mum Jennifer Sun sits on the wall to give him some good luck with Taylor Kota’s girl to her right.


It is now Game Face time and the finals await for the Summit Series.


The countdown begins as they wait for the all clear to get on the tarmac and battle it out!


Troy looks down and wonders why his clutch hand didnt work as Dakota Schooled him.



So- Number 6 against number 7111 and it is a great day for it.



Kota looks up and see’s that they get he go ahead to suit and boot, now it is Game on!



Clouds helped the track to bring the temperature down and make the bikes breath a whole lot better.


Here we are then, time to warm the tires up and get ready for this great final USA V FRANCE!

Winner Winer Frogs legs Dinner, Kota takes the win on this epic day, well done mate.



On the center of the track as all Winners get a photo on the 1/8th here and what a Brilliant day it turned out to be.



Kota and the cup, he has more cups than a bra Factory and still only 20 years old!


Here are some super cool shots of Dakota that Adam LaVelle of Loose Nut Racing took at the track, great job Adam.

Great action shot here of Dakota racing full tilt against his dad “Aaron Pine” Always great to see these two race each other, last time his dad got him at the end, but not this race, Dakota ran the numbers and was on the Ball all day!

Another Superb Shot as Dakota Kai goes for the Win once more on his Bronze Star Racing group ZRX14 courtesy of Kawasaki USA!

Above Kota Kai with Grandad, grandma, and his dad as this Grease monkey Notches another win and gets the points he justly deserves in the Summit series.

Here we all are, we all support these guys and they do a super job, Drag racing is fun and still a family sport, come out and support when ever you can, its the best $5.00 you will ever spend and not many events you can get so close to the action as a spectator.

Above, Bronze Star Racing Group show their strength and you will see much more than this for certain as the series goes on.

It says it all LUCAS OIL who Sponsors Dakota and Aaron, have fantastic machines that get the job done, come out and watch for yourselves.


And Below, Dakota and Le top in the final as they are ready to hit the Throttle and get the win, kota get a great light and is bang on his numbers, Well done Dakota we are all so very proud of you mate.



Here is the Father Son Race and these always can go either way, this time Dakota takes the win.

Also here we have Le Top with a win against shorty running a 6:65 Dial in.

This time the next round I managed to just get with my Iphone was against troy and gotta smoked him!

Here we are with what I got on my Phone, Dakota and Le Top in the final, Kota gets the win and wins the Final, great job Buddy!
Le Top is a great guy but his frog legs just couldnt do it today!

A great day and well done to all that raced and thanks for everyone that came out to support this awesome Summit Series.



Steve Carpenter

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