My Exhaust Sights & Sounds.

Many people ask about my systems and what they sound like, so, armed with an Iphone I had a go at having some recorded for you to listen to.

Below is a 4 into 1 system for a CB350 Honda, and man is it a crisp set up, Customer loved it.

Footage is not good but a chap came by as he fitted my 4 into 1 on his DOHC Honda and loved it.

Below is a CB750 with a raw steel exhaust system of mine fitted.

I have sold over 1000 Of my exhaust systems, been doing this over 17 years and love it.

Oh yeah, these not only breathe well, listen to how crisp they responce is on the throttle, this bike had not run in over 20 years, so changed oil and gas, fitted my 4 into 1 and she ran really well.

Below is a few pics of bikes with the systems on, love what I do and so glad you chose a product made right here in California.


Available for many in line four Honda’s, just drop me a line at or a dime at 714-598-8392 as I am here to help, you can also text me on that number too.

4 into 1 system

So if you are looking for a great set up, thats been tested and fits and sounds great, look no further.

cb750 exhaust - Copy

Thanks for looking, enjoy your week and have fun building your machine.


Available in a few styles, Raw Steel- Ceramic Coated- And we also sell the DEI Titanium Wrap for your system too.

carpy storage2

We ship 6 days a week as well and Globally, I handle ALL the Customs paperwork to make sure you pay NO duty.

ton up exhaust

I really enjoy what I do and offer parts as well, even all the jets for your carbs too.

sling shot1



Steve Carpenter

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