Flash Back Friday- Old Video for you to watch.

Happy Friday Every body, hope that your end of the work week is going well, nothing quite like a Friday and I am sure that some of you at least, will be riding your Motorcycle to some event, or simply just to get about and see a few buddies now that the Weekend is almost here.

Flash back Friday is the Day and I thought I would just add an 8 minute Video of my Old shop back in the City of Orange, had some fun times there and some shit times too, being your own Boss brings a whole lot more Headache than you will ever understand if you are not a Business owner.

It was a super Windy Sunday when I walked around the shop, you could hear the metal doors banging about, but, I hope that you find it interesting, many CB750 Builds I had taken on there and got them ALL completed in the end.

Have a Great weekend you lot and many thanks for following me, its great to hear input from Customers and readers etc and anything else you may want to see, just drop me an email at. carpy@carpyscaferacers.com and I shall be more than happy to reply to you.

Ride Safe and keep your Lights on.

Peace and Grease




Steve Carpenter

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