Great Videos to make your day end with a smile or two.

Well, its a Tuesday today and I feel like crap, I am dizzy and have a headache that wants to explode, but- I must get a wee bit of work out and then this afternoon i am heading home to put my feet up and take some tablets and rest.
Whilst i do that, I too will watch a compilation of videos that i like on the net and wanted to share with you lot.
Hope you are not aching like me but if you are having a kind of shitty day like me, then this will at least make you smile.
So enjoy these nutters on bikes.

I love the sound of the little 2 strokes.

This fella with no shirt on pulls away and wheelies on his little rice burner .

Sitting at the line revving the balls out of these is great to watch and hear.

Jeez these bikes haul arse!!!!

This kid has no skid lid and flip flops.

I love this, the start line is a plastic bag with someones grub in it.

This video takes the kids a bit to get lined up but they sure are fast.

This would be a fun event over here thats for sure.

They aint slow, and this kid has no socks on !!!

These Scooters are so much fun!!!!!!



Steve Carpenter