I made the cover of Lightning Magazine in Japan!

Well, I am pleased to announce that I just made the Cover of Lightning Magazine, Japans leading Lifestyle and collectors edition.

To be able to make it into a Japanese magazine s something, I managed to get 10 pages in Lightning back in about 2006 and now, here I am on the Cover, I feel proud but very honored to be able to be the person they want on their cover.


The Editor was great fun and we had a good day when they came to visit me at my shop in Anaheim Californioa last week.

It was so cool to see my Alloy Cafe Racer featured on the cover, as well as it is sporting one of our newest exhausts systems on it, the good old Dunstall style 4 into 2, with megaphones.

I spent many hours trying to configure this machine, this has so much work you may never even notice, but I really like all the lines of my Alloy Tarmac eater.

The Velocity stacks are each made on a lathe, no mill, just a lathe and boy are they sick, and have stainless steel removable mesh filters too.



My Cafe has a very rare ARCES Italian front end that I took off a Formula race bike of the 1970s, and has a set of Marzocchi clip ons to match the era.


I have follwed this magazine for many years and am so suprised at how many collectable people there are in the land of the rising sun and they sure do enjoy what they have.

We spent a few hours conversing on what turns my dial and why I am into Motorcycles etc, I grew up owning and working on Japanese motorcycles and thats how I used the name “Rice Boiler ” On my latest machine thats just finished.

Motorcycles have alwasy been part of my life, I love many styles but am a wee bit of a traditionalist when it comes to the 70’s motorbikes that I grew up with.


I used all sorts of cool tricks on the Rice Boiler and one thing i wanted to be a forst to do, was to use CB750 Connecting Rods as Mirrors.

The same about the exhaust hanger, we made the exhaust out of Stainless steel and then used a big Block Ford Con Rod for the hanger.

As you can see, I even have a Z900 right now, as I shall be making exhausts for the Z900, the Z1000 and also I shall be making exhausts for the KZ series Kawasakis and also I have some to build for clients that have GS750E and Gs1000 Suzuki’s, so keep checking back on the website, as we shall also be making swing arms again and a few more cool parts.






The Alloy Machine gets a lot of attention and is a super machine, I will let it go but not for peanuts this time as this is a rather unique build with very rare race parts on it and one off items.

The 4 into 2 exhausts keep selling out and I am glad I created this style as it give the bikes some classic curves.






I also enjoy painting and designing Tee Shirts and a good release from a stressful day at the workshop.

Thats an Original RR250 flat top 2 stroke Harley and has Never ever been fired up, its a sweer ride but tiny in comparisson tothe 750 Honda.



The 4 into 1 system of ours is a great seller and we are making them for 350 and up now, with more style and more models coming out soon.



Thats Old Jack- My security gueard in all his Original Rocker Gear!




Our Mechanical Lamps are a hit, all hand made from recycled parts here at our shop, very cool gifts for people.


The Rice boiler- My latest ride.

I still cannot believe that I made this magazine- I am so stoked.



You can tell I was in a great mood that day.





So- thank you my friends across the water, I hope to be in your country next year and attend some of them shows.




Have fun with your machines.




Steve Carpenter