59 Club Meet at Roscoes was great.

What a great night we had as the 59 Club O.C. section gathered for its monthly meet and nice to see a dozen cool Motorcycles pull up and attend this super bar and grill in Fullerton.


Matt had done a few modifications to his machine, losing fender, adding new design tail light and fitted my 7″ headlight with signals incorporated inside the unit and sounded great with his shorty pipes.

What a TRIUMPHANT evening to see all my buddies arrive to the meet up that my Girlfriend Jennifer arranged and so glad I have such a supportive girl in my life.

A gaggle of iron sits patiently as we have a good chin wag and play catch up with all the events that have gone past since the last meet up we had.

This venue is super to meet with people and plenty of space to chill and even watch a few games on the TV screens that are all over this place.

Sat round the fire pit was fun and am sure glad that we had a nice turn out, fun people and fun times.

Here we are all having a pow Wow, Jennifer is my girl and she organizes all these meet ups, what a fantastic girl I have.

All sitting in the stables taking a breather.

Weather was great and always nice to see what other 59 Club members have dome to their machine and of course new potential members turned up to check us out too.

There is old signage all over this bar and I loved the place, had a wonderful feel t it.

Roscoes will be a stopping- watering hole for us on a few occasions now thats for sure.

If you like Nostalgia, then this is the place with a Capital T.

If you are ever in Fullerton, check down town out as the eateries are terrific and all old style vintage memorabilia.

This place gets busy on the weekends but what a great area to meet up with people.

I really loved the 1940’s Bakelite Rotary phone.

Plenty of eye candy that hangs from the ceiling and on the walls of Roscoes.

Check the place out if you can as I was pretty impressed with all of it.

I would love that sign in my shop, always loved the signage of Firestone.

Whizzer anyone?

Loved the little wooden speed boat hanging from the rafters.

bitching 1950’s Rocket/Plane fair ground ride hanging up for all to see.

Some real Nostalgia here, this was cool and not small either.

Signs and bits and bobs all over the place, great for all the family to check out.

Awesome mid century sign above the fire-pit.

Above was my TITAN sandwich and its was bloody awesome I have to say!

Great food and fast with the service, what more can I say, but get down here.


If you are interested in joining the 59 Club OC section we welcome a visit from you on one of our meet ups, we are all approachable and can help you in anyway, we are here to promote the 59 club and encourage the promotion of classic styled motorcycling and also to help out in other people with their machines and maybe a few Charity runs along the year etc.

Some more info:

The 59 Club, also known as The Fifty Nine Club and  ‘the 9’, is a London, England, based motorcycle club with members all over the world.

The 59 Club started as a church-based youth club founded in Hackney Wick on 2 April 1959, in the East End of London. In 1962, after a visit by Father Bill to the Ace Cafe, a motorcycle section was established in Hackney, the motorcycle section soon outgrew the club.

Club nights took place once a week on Saturday evenings at the Eton Mission, where there was ample parking and a large hall with table tennis, billiards, a juke box and a coffee bar. Motor Cycle staff writer Mike Evans in 1963 reported: “Ably managed by the Rev. Bill Shergold, the club is affectionately known by London riders as ‘The Vic’s Caff’!”.

Father Bill remained Chairman of the club until he passed away in 2009.

The Club is staffed and managed by unpaid volunteers and helpers, many of whom have done so since the Sixties.

Adopted in the 1960’s by Britain’s motorcycling youth, initially in the London area, the 59 Club badge soon became an icon of a youth culture that has continued to this day – the Rockers!

With a history and roots that includes with rock n’ roll, the 59 has evolved through the years to be an internationally renowned motorcycle club, with its headquarters in Plaistow, East London.

The Club today follows its long-standing tradition of welcoming all riders on all types and styles of bikes.

Our Beginnings in So Cal

So why a California branch of the 59 Club of England?  Well after being a member of the 59 Club for many years, I, along with friends from Los Angeles and San Diego who are also members, noticed a disparity that we felt needed to be addressed, there was no unified 59 Club representation in Southern California for members to belong to. So began the yearlong email inquiries to London about creating a new section, and having their authorization, guidance and blessings to do so.  After many, many months of communication we were given the green light to move forward with this new American section, we first created a Facebook page for current members and supporters with plans for an official website to come later. Secondly we sought approval from the Ton-Up/Rockers community in England who needed to know we were doing this with respect and the strictest adherence to British 59 Club customs and traditions. This was not going to be a rip-off of the name or a mockery of 50 years of British motorcycle culture, we wanted to do it right; we eventually got a nod of approval from a large number of Rockers new and old from England. And here we are now 4 years later with new members in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Orange County, and San Diego; a gathering site for Southern California members who were already in the club, and a new website to respectfully promote the original 1950s/1960s British motorcycle subculture here in So Cal.

Personally, having spent time in England and Europe, and being a biker for the better half of my adult life, as well as being a Rocker for over a decade, I would like to dedicate this website to my brother and sister Rockers in England, Australia, Europe and the very, very few of us that exist here in the States. I’m proud to be a Rocker and a member of the 59 Club of England. I want to thank some important people in the Rocker/59 Club community for all their support over the last 4 years; Larry Fletcher of 59 Club – Chicago, Shadow from 59 Club – Australia, and friends from England Heather and her husband Max from the former original 59 Club – Italian Section. I also want to thank the Council of Management in London, specifically Sandra Hall, for their blessings and support of this new American section.  Lastly, I want to dedicate this new section to the growing Café Racer scene here in the U.S. and to the hundreds of American bikers in Southern California that choose to ride vintage or classic British motorcycles.  So ride with the wind at your back and the warm sun on your face, we’ll be riding up the North Circular to the Ace Café, in spirit at least.


California Section ~ 59 Club of England

About the California Section

The California arm of the 59 Club carries on the original club ideology and passion for vintage motorcycles like BSA, Norton, Triumph, AJS, Matchless, Royal Enfield, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, BMW, and Café Racers from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki.  Our members come from all walks of life; blue-collar and white-collar, male and female.  Most members are in their 30s or 40s who’ve been riding for a long time, some are educated professionals, and some have families, most of us ride on the weekends, some of us ride every day.  Overall the club has a very diverse mix of people and backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common, riding vintage or classic British, European or Japanese bikes and café racers.

As an officially recognized section with card-carrying members all over Southern California we keep true to club traditions; therefore we have no club officers, no politics, very few rules, and we have zero tolerance for personal drama, racist or sexist attitudes, drug use or criminal activity. You don’t have to be a Greaser or love Rockabilly to join our section, but you do have to own, ride and maintain a bike that reflects our club philosophy, you have to understand our club history, and hopefully feel a kinship with what we represent.  We also support other clubs with similar passions.

Overall we want to keep our club and our sections focused on meeting up at out-of-the-way locales, fun rides, camaraderie and sharing a few rounds of beers with your mates.  We ride as a group, and often with other Southern California-based clubs.  We attend music & bike events, weekenders, and basically enjoy the biker lifestyle as the original Ton-Up boys and Rockers did in 1950s and 1960s Great Britain.  And where ‘cracking the ton’ was a customary rite of passage in England, it is too a rite of initiation for the California arm of the legendary 59 Club, among other traditions such as jukebox ‘record racing’ between pubs and diners.

With 59 Club Sections in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Orange County areas, there are always major bike events to attend, and there are numerous like-minded bike clubs to ride with.  We attend the annual Mods vs Rockers rides in San Diego and Los Angeles, the annual Hansen Dam ride here in L.A., the annual Venice rides, and numerous other bike events in Bakersfield and Orange Co.  As a club we try to enjoy all that Southern California has to offer by way of winding mountain roads in the east, beautiful coastal rides north, far away cafes and restaurants, long freeway excursions away from traffic and city congestion,… or sometimes we just ride down to the local pub for a pint or two.  Come join us, all are welcome.  Cheers mates


California Section ~ 59 Club of England



Steve Carpenter

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