Model A was fun to drive on the weekend

Well, memorial weekend has come and gone by so fast, although in that time I caught a head cold that whooped my arse and have only just got back to a level playing field.

DSC_0002 (2)

So wanted to throw some photos up I took of my 1928 Model A Roadster that I have and over that weekend I removed the fenders and bumpers to give it a more post war 1940’s look, and right now I am loving this little A-Bone.


I have always been into old vehicles and Motorcycles since I was a kid, back in the UK I had a 32 three window Coupe and, as I went to school on the East Anglian side of Great Britain, I was very close to the American Airbases and actually learned to ride a motorcycle on one of the WW2 Bomber Runways in Rougham  . ( Suffolk )


This Model A of mine is a fun machine, not the fastest in the world but thats what I didnt want, what i wanted was a cool period Hot Rod that would of been around Southern California after the war and young serviceman and women had all these New engineering skills from working on aircraft, boats and tanks etc that they used their skills to hop up their Jalopys.

This Model A has a few cool parts now to make it quite a traditional ride.


Breakdown of parts:

16 inch Kelsey Wire wheels

1939 Flathead V8 Motor

1939 Three speed gearbox

1936 rear radius Rods

1940 Ford Juice (hydraulic) Brakes

32 style K member

40 ford pedals

1948 F1 steering Box

1940 Ford steering wheel ( Limeworks Speed Shop)

2 inch chopped stainless steel windshield.

Converted to 12 volt system

Edelbrock intake Manifold

Two Stromberg 97 Carburetors 


I still have more to do like eventually I shall be removing the radiator and grill shell and replacing it with a Walker radiator and a genuine 1932 deuce grill shell and insert, popular back in the 1940’s.

DSC_0022 (1)

Then I hope to make some exhaust headers that will run outside the Roadster up near the doors, using 2 old 1936 Ford Torque Tubes, another 40’s hop up that was very popular back then.


This was and always will be one of my Passions, I was simply Born in the wrong country as I have always loved the American way of life, the people, the country and of course, the invention of the Hot Rod.


This was built in Memory of My MUM that sadly passed 2 years ago and if it wasnt for her, I would not be here, Mum loved sitting in my old coupe, she even got her arm stuck in the window, chicken winging one day as i had a 4 inch chopped roof.

DSC_0026 (1)

Plans are for the exhausts, the radiator, and some cool 1949 Kaiser Taillights that I fitted into 1948 Chevy Bezels and will fit them in the back under the rumble seat.

I shall also be getting a Canvass Top for her, as My hair grease melts in the Southern California Sun!


Hope you dig my Roadster as many people love the same stuff I am into, Motorcycles, Hot Rods, ww2 planes, boats etc, anything vintage.

I will keep you updated on other things I do to my AV8 Roadster.




Steve Carpenter

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