Music to work to.

I dig all kinds of music these days, if it has a good beat i will listen to it, but Rockabilly has always been a massive part of my life and I can never get enough of it, whether it is Original mid 1950’s or the new stuff with a 50’s beat- it all Rocks as far as I am concerned.

I have played that so many times but love hearing it.

Always great to see video’s with bikes, hot rods and cool pin ups in.

Thought I would add a few songs/vidz for you lot to have a look at in your spare time.

Here is some Hot Rod stuff too.

Just cool to watch for a while.

Mean while Carlos and the Bandito’s are a great Brit Rockin band that’s been around for Donkeys and still belts out great songs.

My mate Geordie Paul is the drummer for the crawdads and have been around for decades now.

Great album
Another great UK band is the Rimshots, all the early bands were people I knew or watched at gigs around the UK back in the day and still rock today.

great to see them again.

Paul Ansell certainly knows how to rock it.

The Sureshots are a great band and have been around for many moons, I dig their version of ” All I can do is cry “.

Imelda May cannot do a bad song, here is a great alternative song aptly named ” Psycho! ”

I am friends with Greenday and I often want to ask them what they think when their songs get covered and, in a different style.



Steve Carpenter