New things are happening at Carpy’s Cafe Racers .

New shirt designs this month and more coming out, as things are about to change here at Carpy’s Cafe Racers and, to be honest, for the better.

I am going to be producing many more parts and apparel over the coming months, not only that, we shall be having a New website with more options and of course some cool stuff for you to be part of, for instance a readers rides section, so you can check out all thats being built around the globe these days.


I shall try hard to design more apparel, as many of you ask me about my shirts and of course, bring back some more of the old favorites if and when i think is a good time, but they will be all good and these ones you see on this page are my latest design thats i have completed and are now up on the website to purchase.


We enjoy what we do here at the shop and hopefully later in the year will get to some of the shows out in the lower 48 and beyond.



These shirts are long lasting, and you will get many comments on them as I have all the time, some of my shirts have washed well for over 4 years too.

So keep checking back on here as we shall have all sorts of cool goodies, more inventory and some bikes coming up shortly too.


I know this will be a fun time and getting back to basics is always more fun and, I get more time to meet and chat to you all.






Steve Carpenter