The Orange Crate is a Project bike a Customer Just dropped off.

Well, working for yourself does have its advantages for sure, although, everyday can be a Monday, but having no clocking in machine and no boss to scream at you, out weighs the negatives that sometimes will come up being self employed.

The days sure do fly by and already its hump day, I have much to do and today I had a customer come round with his trailer and unload a project he picked up locally for a really cheap price, it is a 1977 CB750K Model, and he wants to get it running and get his license for AHMRA racing, and if he does, then he can hop the motor up and go for the Sportsman Class of racing.

Long way to go as yet but it is now unloaded and on my drive way and I have to now asses the situation and see what this may need, just to try and get running, and already I can see it does need a few things, like coils, plugs, exhaust, battery and ignitions switch etc.

I can see already that there will be issues, as there are no bolts on the clutch housing, other than a stock phillips head, so that will need some inspection to see why that is like that.

The Orange crush will be a strong bike once it is completed, it has had a long hard life but I am certain that if the motor runs, everything else is cake.

Needs some electrical to get to the stage where I can kick it in the guts and hear the motor roar into life but by next week I will have enough New parts to get this to a stage of seeing what happens when I fire this old 77 Puppy back up.

Customer is eager to have fun and get his knee down at Willow Springs , as AHRMA is a fun but competitive series and these old 500 pounders love to race.

First issue I see is that, at one time, this 77 threw a chain and it spooled up and smashed the casing open, a common thing on a badly adjusted chain and Honda used to sell replacement cases until they went to a 17 tooth sprocket. And the quick fix, if you could get the bits out of the gearbox, was to use JB weld, and this has that treatment. These run 50 pound pressure and may hold up but, until I get it all running, I cant tell, but will keep you all posted as I know you may of seen many like this, I know I have and they have lasted for years.

Some parts needed are Battery, Coils, Plugs, exhaust and ignition switch etc but all available through me LOL!

This 77 does have 74 forks on it but a 77 rim, although the rim is too wide for AHRMA so will run an earlier rim to cover that issue and of course add brakes etc.

This does need some work but an interesting challenge, I do not know the history of this and will need to investigate more but its nice that people come along with different projects and hopefully not only resurrect this big old 500 pounder, but get to watch it race around the track with other inline four nutters, stay tuned……



Steve Carpenter

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