The rebuild of the Vesco Brat Bike for a show

Well tomorrow will be 19 years since I have been doing this stuff here and I am super stoked to revamp the old Vesco bike I created a few weeks ago, but this time I want to trick the frame out before Custom painting it in metal Flake, so here is my Blog as to where I am at with this old 500 pounder Honda Four Machine.

The frame has over 40 years of paint, scratches and holes in it, so need to weld up the holes and of course the new quick release tubes on the frame and get this ready to strip to bare metal, a long Process but I will stick with it, unfortunately we have a few days heavy rain, so I am restricted with what i can do until it warms up.

Made sure that I protected the Bearing races as these are for New Tapered Roller Bearings for smoother steering, the poor old frame was pretty beat up and will need a lot of TLC but I shall get there for sure.

A lot of re-welding needed to be completed and then it was time to start to clean this frame up, this will look so cool in Metalflake paint.

The quick release kit is all welded in and this will be so much easier to fit the motor and to get to to service etc at a later date and am glad that I went this route.

That’s a lot better and now time to get all the paint off of the chassis to see what I have and then can begin to get this to a better standard and looking more Custom too. Video below is just using my Iphone, so not good quality, but you get the idea of what I am doing though.

So, plenty more to do but, as the clouds keep opening, I have to stop what ever I am doing, we had 3 inches of rain today, not good for a bead blasted chassis but I wont give up at all.

Look at the chassis now, way better and now can see where I have to work on and get this bang on, this is almost ready for sealer, then primer, then bondo welds over, then base coat, then flake, then clear coat, so a super long way to go.

The frame rails came out well and am happy at the end result, makes it so much easier to get to the Cylinder head now if I need to work on the top end at a later date.

With over Four decades of paint and stuff plastered all over this frame, this is now so refreshing to see and the skeleton is all set to have some cool plastic surgery.

Now then, I really am stoked to have gone in this direction, I mean, the bike would of gone to the Junk yard and lost for ever, so at least i saved it from there, its not a restoration and not a super rare year either, I really wanted to make this machine stand out from many of the others as it belonged to the Vesco family who are world known for racing and getting world records etc. I am super stoked I decided to make the side of the frame removable and, having steel tubes inside the hollow tubes, makes this frame more stronger than stock.

This will be a cool look, many people will not even notice the Custom fabrication of this inline four but thats OK with me.

So, a little more grinding and then ready for applying sealer and then paint, its all systems go from now on.

Few more little repairs but this will sure look Custm once all the paint and flake grabs the metal and I hope you are enjoying the journey this machine is taking with me?





Steve Carpenter

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