Well, since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with Motorcycles and speed, I was so lucky as a lad to go to the Isle of man back in the late 1970’s with the Army cadets and got to see all the race bikes a what was going on there, I was literally blown away by the speed and the courage of the riders.
Just watch the opening shots of the bikes coming towards you, F L A T O U T !!!


One guy used to say to me  ” Road Racing… because football, rugby, golf and tennis only require one ball!! ”

It’s 37 miles around an Island that’s sunny in one corner, rainy in another and maybe sleet or fog at the next, this made it the craziest of races in the world, they banned a GP there as it was dangerous but that’s what attracts the crowds to be honest, so this T.T. race Tourist Trophy to me was so Iconic for motorcycles and has been going over 100 years. But look at some of these videos as also the Irish GP is as mad too, sit back and enjoy these videos as they are absolute nuts.

I will Never get bored of the isle of Man Tourist Trophy races and hopefully you will be as addicted as I am?

Also, check out the IRISH G.P. that is insane racing, especially in the wet.

I know I can hear you say ” yeah I can do that” But that’s a load of old flannel, as once you go there, you will be totally mesmerized at the speed, skill and courage that it takes to compete on these Island races.
My hat, helmet or what ever I am wearing on my nogging is off to you lot.

This is just a camera on a road bike as on MAD SUNDAY, everyone on motorcycles can ride the island that day.

Guy Martin on his GSXR, out runs the helicopter on a hot lap at the T.T.

isle of man tt 2012 “a dangerous addiction” This is a documentary by Simon McGregor Wood

Oh yes, it can get ugly.

Everyone racing is on the limit and sometimes it gets all wrong on you.



Steve Carpenter