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Iron & Air Magazine – Issue No 7


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Iron & Air Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine distributed both in print and online digitallyStarting in 2013 Iron & Air magazine will feature six exclusive issues of custom vintage motorcycling love. Grab Issue No 7 now, they won’t last long kids!

Iron & Air Issue Seven (print) is now available. The last print issue damn near sold out in our stores, and Iron & Air’s site mentioned that they are completely sold out!

Featuring Spirit of the Seventies – Two garage-builders inspired by the best of a decade gone by.

  • Old Empire Motorcycles – Alex Sharp pays homage to British heritage through his masterful creations.
  • Drawn from Inspiration – Raccia Motorcycles ’77 CB550.
  • Transcending Trends – Kenny Cummings of NYC Norton, talks shop, racing, and life in a one-on-one interview.
  • The Iron Giant – A look inside Tim Dixon’s motorcycle inspired hotel in Milwaukee, WI.
  • From the Garage – Rebuilding Amal Carbs with Choppahead.
  • Yve Assad – Featured Photographer.
  • and more…