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fHere we are then, a new product from me and this is what I use all the while now on my creations.  if you are fed up with the old tired Black rubber hose that splits like a boxers lip on his first fight,  then this is right up your street.

I simply took the old one off, drop kicked it over into next doors garden and went about and made my own hoses and now the front ends really look fresh and of course Racey.


These work so well and they are easy to fit, you simply remove your snotty old tired hoses, and this one will bolt right into your Master Cylinder, complete with fitting that’s supplied  then tighten. Now, this set up is for using the 7/8 Clubman handlebar set up, this is a 2 parts line and if you have stock bars, these will be too short. Do not Purchase if you are using stock handlebars, I may make some up later but keep checking the website for that.


Then attach the other end to your front brake switch and use the banjo bolt and crush washers, then simply tighten that.

From there you attach the second hose with a banjo bolt, underneath the lower tree with a banjo bolt and washers, then feed the hose behind the left side fork leg and screw directly into the caliper, then simply bleed the air out, use New Dot 5 fluid and there you go, DONE!

we will be offering a longer One piece for the CB750 that uses Clubman bars and another for a stock handlebar set up, this is for the CLUBMAN handle bar set up and is a 2 piece kit thats ready to use.
We use these on ALL our Builds.


Bobs ya uncle, Sue’s ya aunt, you are done and ready for the road.




I know you will like the quality of these, and they are top notch aircraft products and can withstand 1500 pounds of pressure, far more than the old honda could muster even on Viagra.

So, grab these and see how they look and work on your classic ride, I use them, and always will from now on.


Really easy to fit and run from the M/C to your caliper and I fitted these in less than 5 minutes.




Weight 0.8 lbs