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Hey Gang

Many people ask what I use on my Motors when I build my Cafe Racer motorcycles. Well , I thought I would let you try the stuff I have used for many moons and seems to work for me, a good formula and a hard wearing surface too.





Just prep your engine cases, and I use a scotch brite Green pad to scuff the area that I need to be coated, and then I use a good degreaser to make sure that any oil deposits or grime is out of the way and then I am ready to get some good base coat color on the parts.



My motors all get this painted on them and as so many of you email me asking about what do I use or recommend, I thought I may as well let you try my paint.




Aerosol can ready, you shake and paint, simple as that.  This is an affordable paint set up that lasts many miles of smiles and unless you want to spend big dollars on a paint shop stripping and masking and maybe buggering up some of your motor, then this is a great and easy option.



Ready to go and I am sure you will like the way it flows out.








PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY AS THIS PRODUCT IS CONSIDERED A HAZARDOUS MATERIAL!!! If ordered to ship to an International Location we will issue an immediate refund for each can of paint purchased.



Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 9 in