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Exhaust The Sling- Shot for all SOHC CB750 Honda’s.


The Sling Shot, a performance exhaust system for the HONDA  CB750 SOHC 1969-1978 Models .


Well, a long time ago I informed you of some research I was doing with a chap that designed a special flow system for race bikes back in the day, all the big Manufacturers wanted this special set up but he stuck to his guns and just supplied to the team at hand, and now I have had the opportunity to make these Performance Exhaust systems that has the secret sauce ingredient to give it that little more pep.

















This is my 4 into 1 Exhaust system for the SOHC Honda 750’s and is known as the “Sling-Shot”

Been a while in development and I wanted these to be right, I mean, Breathe and perform and of course fit onto your own inline four with no issues.

You have Many Options on this too.

  1. Raw Steel
  2. Ceramic coated Black
  3. Ceramic coated Silver
  4. DEI Black Titanium Wrap with Chrome Tailpipe ( Comes with 1 Roll of Titanium Wrap.)
  5. DEI Tan Titanium Wrap with Chrome Tailpipe   ( Comes with 1 Roll of Titanium Wrap ).




























So, plenty of choices, these are not cheap, these are affordable but they have more to offer than the over seas thin walled stuff you see out there and I have done many tests on these systems and love the whole range of performance as well as the ease of fit to all SOHC engines.

slingshot 5


























You have a look and see what you think, its your machine and you deserve to have something that not only looks good but does perform too, this is not my first or last system as I am planning on a few more designs that are currently in the manufacturing and testing stage and I am excited about all the new parts that will be coming out of my shop. www.carpyscaferacers.com

sling shot 12




















I will ship world wide and help with all the Customs forms , as I don’t want you to get hammered with Duty fee’s and am well versed in getting you looked after in this maze of paper work, Many do not offer this but I always have.























Been doing this hear in Good Old California for over 17 years and love it.

I am taking Pre- Orders :

As these will be a limited bunch as they are a little more complex than many will even understand, but they sure fit and look good, I fitted these to the brat bike you see here and went for the DEI Titanium Wrap and love the look of this set up.

SO-if you have any questions etc, please drop me a line and I can see what I can do to help you out, you can dial 714-598-8392 and even text if you so wish, just let me know.

I have always loved the sound of a 4 into 1 exhaust system on these inline ( Transverse ) Fours and I am sure that you do too?

These come as a 2 parts exhaust set up and if you order the wrapped versions you will get the 2 piece system, header and tail pipe with removable Baffle, The tail pipe will Be chromed and you will receive the Titanium Wrap and clamps to go with it, these do not require water or gloves as the new High Temp wraps from DEI are GREAT.

I stand by my parts and love what I do, been here a long time and always great to see New and Repeat Customers, many thanks for supporting me and hope that you will continue to do so.


My email is carpy@carpyscaferacers.com if you need anything else.



Weight 16.00 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 16 x 16 in


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