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HONDA CB750F Polished Hub SOHC


The Perfect Polished part to dress your rear Wheel up if you have a Super Sport.

Well it is mid week and I thought I would offer a part I have just polished up as I have a few parts that are on shelves in my warehouse and do not good just sat there, so I cleaned all the grease and oil off and then set about polishing it. I know there are many maybe at this stage but their rear hub is pitted, scratched has broken edges or simply too corroded to do anything with.


This is a CB750F Super Sport Rear Disc Brake Hub and I have had it about 10 years, as I use them when I lace New rims etc but as I have a few Hubs I thought I would offer this on the website as people like what I do and this is a super Deal for sure. Ready to simply plop your Cushman Rubber in its place and refit your brake hub and rotor once you have laced to your New rim.


Have a look and see what you think. As I know at this time of year, many people are starting their project and something like this can speed up a build. Plus this is a quality Polish and will last many many moons as we use a secret sauce to keep this luster.


Save your valuable time and energy and grab this, I only have this one but boy is it a beauty. Just lace up to a Rim and this will grab your attention as many people do not polish these hubs as they are hard to do.


Have a look at your SS model and see what you think. We have Polished over 100 Super Sport Hubs.


A great deal for your inline Four if you have a Super Sport model, whilst you concentrate on other parts for your machine.


If you want this or send me yours to polish I can do that too, been doing this over 17 years here in Orange County.


Thanks for looking, this makes a pretty cool gift for the inline Four fan in your family too.




Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in


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