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Brand New pressed Gas tank that fits HONDA SOHC 1979-1976 CB750 K models, comes in Primer and ready to paint.

Many people have been purchasing these from me and these are Brand New, they are already in Primer and ready to paint to what ever color that your machine is.

gas tank7

Same as the stock, no not the Sandcast Wrinkle tank but K0 up to K6 is the same, although the K6 did change the petcock fitting to the left hand side but you dont have to do that, they only did that at HONDA, so you didn’t have to take your hand off the throttle when you ran on reserve.

gas tank 2

These gas tanks are so nice, why purchase a beat up crapper on Ebay and spend hundreds of dollars trying to get it all smooth, this comes in Primer and no dings, its a lovely example and the people I have sold them to, really are thankful for it.  So, if you have a beaten up gas tank, or you are looking for one thats Brand new and ready to paint, look no further.

gas tank 5

These are running low, so grab them whilst they last.  I have shipped these all over the world to Restorer’s and Custom Builders, save time and frustration and grab a quality piece thats all stamped from New steel and is every part a Genuine looking sohc Gas tank.

gas tank6

I have used some of these on my machines and am so stoked on the quality of these units and they save me so many headaches than an old used gas tank would.

gas tank

Have a look at the detail on these tanks, everything is right on the money, these fit the same as the original did and these are all super clean inside, no rust or that terrible tank sealer like so many out there.

gas tank 8

These are not cheap, but a beaten up rusty one or one filled with Bondo is going to cost you a couple of hundred and then you have all that work to do and still wont get it as smooth as these.

gas tank3

Well, you make your mind up, I have used a few of these and love the quality and the fit, and I am sure that you will too, I ship all around the world and I know that you will be happy.

gas tank 10

Thanks for looking, I know that all the machines that I create, will be getting one of these tanks.

gas tank9

Thanks for looking.

gas tank8



Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 12 x 12 in


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