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This fit the S.O.H.C. Models ONLY and the years are 1969-1970,1971,1972,1973,1974,1975, and 1976 ONLY!!!!!

Hey there Honda guys

Well, if you are like me and you have put most of your ride together, you are then Gazumped when you cannot for the life of you, locate the ignition switch bracket, well some people on Ebay want $100 for one these days, so Thought bugger that, lets just make a bunch.

So what I did was make a few as I always need them for my machines and am glad I made them as I have used a few already and they got be out of a pinch every time and I have used these in all the builds that I have worked on.

As many will know but some will not, this Ignition switch bracket is for ALL of the HONDA CB750K S.O.H.C. Models ONLY! That’s 1969-1976 Models.

So mo more rusty or bent up versions, these are the real deal and affordable too and have sold over 300 for SOHC owners across the globe, the Powder coating is close to the original color.

Take a look and you will see these are bent the same out of steel and then I powder coated these puppies and now they look just like the original versions.

I hope you like what we have created and the good thing is I have plenty of these as I have now been shipping to restorers etc, these are ONLY for the S.O.H.C. CB750K 1969-1976 Models.

We send parts out 6 days a week, this part is the ignition switch bracket but we sell the switches too, either Round plug or Square, so check all the parts pages out as we shall also be adding more cool parts. But as I said, These are ONLY for the 1969-1976 CB750K Models S.O.H.C. versions, not the later models.

We have been doing this here in the States for over 18 years and have a great following , it is always great to meet people and New customers too, we help where ever we can.

So, if you have been scratching your noggin, as you are missing your ignition switch bracket- fear no more and we can zip one off to you quick smart.

This comes in Powder coated Black and I have the Bolt that comes with it and we shall be making sure that you get this as quick as we can send it out.

Just check out the photos as this is no cheap Taiwan piece of Tin, this is strong steel that is laser cut and then brake pressed and a captive nut inserted, so a great set up for your CB750.

Thank you for taking your time, to at least have a look and see if you like what we do here in Southern California.

Please make sure this is for your machine as it ONLY fit the 1969-1976 CB750K Model S.O.H.C. there is a 20% re-stocking fee on a return if this doesnt fit your bike, hence the list of years all through the parts page listed here.



Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 5 x 3 in