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Flat Under seat Oil Tank with or without Battery tray


This is to fit All HONDA CB750K & CB750F Models that are SOHC 1969-1978


Well, for many years I have tried all sorts of concoctions to get rid of the ugly stock oil tank on the SOHC Honda’s, I also have tried round tanks, square and stand up tanks, I now have a good selection of Oil tank to offer you now and this one is the best yet.

Honda Flat 2

Take a look and see what you think, simply remove your old Oil tank and lines, then Bolt the Flat Oil tank under your frame, secure by drilling in frame and attaching Bolts through the frame and into oil tank, as easy as that.

Honda Flat 3

This tank as i said is available with or without the Battery tray and is ideal for the cafe Racer, Brat, Bobber and chopper people that want to get ride of the side covers and oil bag and have the frame all open either side for a much cleaner look.

Honda Flat 4

This tank also comes as a complete kit, meaning it also has the oil line adapter plate and all the 90 degree Barbed elbows that you will need and all you do is decide what length hose you will be needing and buy the hose of your choice and simply fit to the barbed ends with hose clamps.

Honda Flat 5

As these old girls only run 50 odd pounds of pressure, there is no worry about an oil line popping off, and boy will this change the look of your trusty in line four motorcycle.


Filler cap is at the top of the tank and under your seat, so tucked away and if you choose the battery tray, a small Anti Gravity 8 cell will do just fine to get the power to your bike.


Have a look and see what you see, as I have sold a few of these and people love the ease they fit and the cool way they look.


If you want to change the look of your 500 pounder and have the frame more exposed, for that stripped down Brat style look, then here it is, This is the Real McCoy!


So, if you are creating an inline Four and want a better Oil Tank, then you have come to the right place indeed.






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