Steel 32 Roadster cruises by the shop.


This was a great time to see what my mate Charles has created from just bots and bobs and hoofed it all together with time, money and a lot of patience.

Have a look at this thing of beauty, seems a shame to paint it to be perfectly honest , as this just looks timeless.

The body is all steel of course and runs an early Flathead V8 motor, has Classic Counter-lever suspension too.

You decide, but this is a really period looking Hot Rod and boy would I of loved to own this, some day I shall build another Roadster as, they are just a cool piece of American History.

This is a cool ride and taken a year to create from just old parts purchased at swap meets, begged and borrowed, until everything was in a heap in the corner of the workshop.

There are some very neat touches on this ride and the dash panel is very cool indeed.  just check that panel out as its a very cool set up and many will have no clue what it is from?


The steering wheel is all changed and really has that Sprint Car look and everything functions correctly from the center too.

This is now up for sale and I need to work a little more time to be able to buy this but what a great vehicle and a super Hot Rod.

Just check those lines out and the way the car sits, a really top knotch built ride and I am stoked Charles came by to show it to us as it really is something to see.



Steve Carpenter