Steel Hand Bent Hoops for your frame

Happy Friday and hope that this Blog finds you well, happy and ready to tackle fitting a hoop to your frame .

I have been manufacturing these hoops for about 6 years now and sold over 500 of these flat ones and I also offer a 22 degree Kick up version too, these are for the Honda CB750 SOHC but will fit the CB500 right up to the DOHC cb750 frames, look on my parts pages and you will see both style of frame hoops.

Real easy to do too, simply cut off where you want the frame shortened but allowing for the length of hoop you require, cut frame tubes off and then hog inside of tubing to allow for my inserts to fit, then lay the hoop flush against the frame and determine how long or short you want the hoop, I make them 12 inches long to allow many different choices to cut off.


Cut hoop to required size and simply tap onto the insert until it butt joins, then simply weld the seam and for me I usually drill a small hole other side of the frame so I can see the insert and then spot weld that, and you are done.

I did it to this bike that I purchased from the Vesco family and the hoop suited this 1974 CB750K and was so easy to fit and weld up .

I chose to weld the tail light and license plate assembly to the back of the hoop for a more Custom look and clean the rear end up and have no clutter.

Looking good now and I am glad that I went this route on the bike, it was a fun build that I created at home in my garage.

The frame is more rigid than it was stock with the hoop welded in place and give the chassis a more refined look I think.

I was super pleased at the speed I could create this Custom Honda 750 and many people comment on this special build that I did for the OG show in LA earlier in the year.

I actually drilled a hole on the tubing to allow me to feed the wires of the light into the frame and come out on the side rails near to the harness, so a neater, cleaner look all around.

I enjoy using these frame hoops and there are 2 style to choose from and by me, not some oversea’s nasty stuff that you see on ebay etc, that is not made by Motorcycle enthusiasts.

So there you go, if you need frame hoops for your project, you know where to go now, these work great and designed by me right here in Southern California. Thanks for looking.

I also ship same day and Globally too, all of them come with a pair of inserts too.



Steve Carpenter

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