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Growing up in the 1970’s

I have been here in Southern California for almost 17 years, but came from Great Britain, things have certainly changed since then but I was looking back on when I grew up and the 1970’s were more memorable than anything and wanted to share a few episodes of a BBC show to see if you […]


HONDA’S New CBR-1100 Should of Been Produced.

Concept motorcycles tend to have strange lives. Some, like the Suzuki GSX1100S, a.k.a the Katana, generate such interest from the public that a production model appears the very next year. Others, like the Honda CB1100R concept, take a little longer. Publicly shown in October 2007 together with the un-faired CB1100F, the single-seat racing-bodied CB1100R disappeared […]


I remember these days so well.

I left School in 1978, so all this is so vivid to me, I remember painting the back of peoples Levi Cut off jackets with art work ranging from Rockers, to iron Maiden and black Sabbath, fun times and rode so many miles to fun places. here is a old video from the days when […]