Cafe's I built

El Frijolito The little Bean Cafe Racer

                                                                           EL FRIJOLITO CAFE RACER 1975 CB750 F SUPER SPORT               I was fortunate to get this motorcycle from the Original owner, its a good and bad thing as the poor guy did a lot of work to the machine back in the day, but unfortunatly, the drink got […]


MY exhaust, kicks ass at Barber Race Track.

Hey Gang It is always good to hear from Customers and their stories of how they enjoy our parts here at Carpy;s Cafe Racers, none less than this fella, William Lundy. He purchased one of our performance 4 into 1 exhaust systems and simply jetted and off he went, he raced his little 550 with […]



Sometimes, finding bikes can be rewarding, remember, I look at more snot than a Doctor does in winter and yesterday a fella came by with a photo of his old Cafe bike they he built over 20 years ago and it is in his old storage yard in Anaheim. So, over I go and check […]