Thought I would take my Thruxton for a ride this morning.

Hey Gang

Thought I would start the day off right, by slinging my leg over the Thruxton and taking her for a 55 mile jaunt to get me back in the saddle again, just taken 12 days off and traveled Europe on a plane and then cruise ship, so need to get back to be a land lubber and shake the salt from my head and enjoy some cool Canyons in Southern California where I live and love.


So above me, my Black steed awaits, this was taking in the City of Orange and is a great place to have food etc and may have my 59 Club Christmas Dinner here, sitting on top of the hill on a good day, you can see LA in the background and this road I will take, is such a nice smooth transition into some curvy countryside with awesome views and relaxing greenery that I needed to start my week off at work with a bang!


So, as it was only 8:00 and with temperatures going to be in the triple digits by 1100am, I wanted to get a few miles under my belt before the Sun really kicked in and tries to melt my tires.

I love this area and as the temp was just about 79- I needed to make the most of the next hour or so before things got too sticky.

I love riding this area as many of the roads are still unmolested and the hills and surrounded area are just amazing to see.

My 2013 Thruxton Purred away as I took the bike into some nice long curves and hit the big “T” a few times, but this day I wanted to slow it down and thought that I would take in a few small village style old town places and enjoy this ride before I throw myself back into my workplace.

I love finding stuff along any ride and today there was plenty of great cars, trucks and things to take in and enjoy, I loved the 5 Window Model A Coupe sat in front of its later 1949 Ford Step Side truck.

A tidy little A Bone and the perfect color scheme too, just resting outside the owners pad on this Monday morning.

More stuff around and this is what I love to do, ride a bit, see something and just take a snap with my phone and then go on my way once more.

Old Jet engine Cowl gets a New lease of life and brought a smile to my face this morning.

Now this is a fun part of the area, there are many twisties to be taken but around the small towns I take it easy as people are going about their normal work day, so have to be aware of them and of course abide by speed limits in small abodes such as this.

I loved this road as the tree’s gave some nice shade and you may of thought this could be Pennsylvania at first glance, but with 100 degree’s of U/V’s coming up, you know it has to be the O.C.


This is the Major benefit of being my own Boss, to enjoy these area’s and not have to be too concerned on the time I take to enjoy this.

There is the sign that most of you want to see and yes, there are plenty of knee draggers around this area, just ride with respect through the towns.

This is what My Thruxton enjoys the best is smooth bends to get the adrenaline going.

My Monarch exhaust screams on these canyon roads. Click the image to view product.


That’s some big arse Cactus sat on the side of the road and a nice reminder to take it easy, you don’t want to be stuck in that world of pain going to fast on a bend.

There is a nice road here that just made me think of how lucky I am to be able to do this.

Plenty to see along the way and wanted to try and capture some of the moment to share with you lot as you ask me to post some photos when i take the bike out for a bit of a blap around, so here is what I sometimes see, nice 55 Chevy pick up would be Ace for a shop truck.

More Canopy tree’s on this Hot Morning and a welcome stop to be honest.

Great Traditional old School property with the Log pile, getting ready for when we get the cooler weather, this to me is real America, the country Folk is such a great lifestyle, hard at times but well worth it.

More rustic shots as I take my time to explore this area, everyone I saw was great and asked how I was.

More old abandon trucks than you can throw a Proverbial stick at but they are resting until someone comes along and restores these.

Back up in the Hills and loved this part of the road as it gets higher and tighter bends for a little bit, but sure is fun riding through it.

This is the infamous corner that put me on the Cover of Motorcycle Classics, in 2006, such a great memory for me.

Great panoramic views of this area, but at this time of year, be on the look out for any smoke as fires can destroy the canyons fast.

This time I am riding up hill for a little bit, before it turns hard left then drops down right to wake you up from this serenity.

What a Great view that house must have everyday when they wake up.

Heading down hill now as it is time to make a bit of a run towards home and to work, but what an awesome ride.




Steve Carpenter