Thursday Tunes- something to make the day go by way smoother.

Happy Thursday Folks

I have been into Classic Rockin tunes for as long as I can remember and Today I thought I would share just a few twangy tunes that I have always dug. Instrumentals are a great form of entertainment, I cannot carry a not in a bucket but can play the air guitar like a pro.

So below are some great Instrumentals that I have always dug, I know you may not like them all but I really do and thought that you may like

OK, first up with a little “Uprising” by the Cherokees.

If you liked that then you may well indeed be into the next band, which have this awesome 1961 hit that always got people jiving on the dancefloor.

This is “Stick Shift- by the Duals.


These are Los Beatniks from Mexico, not the Argentine group of the same name.
For those who don’t know the geography of Mexico, Tampico is a city in the state of Tamaulipas.

Next up we have a great 60’s sound from The 2nd Track of of the self titled release by The Reigning Monarchs.

I have no Idea why The Fireballs give reference to this title being a Bulldog- But as I own one, thought I’d bung it in here anyway.


Now we are off to a little Burlesque style shaker named Wo’Now by the Milkshakes.


Here we are with a great rendition of “Linda” by the Starfires.


I loved Jiving to this many years ago and always a hit on the dance floor, this time we have.

Lastly, you have to finish this series off with the classic “The Whip” By the Frantics!



Steve Carpenter

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