Toe Tapping Tunes for Thursday

Hey there you lot

Some people ask me what songs I like, I have a varied range of interests in the Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, Country and even Cajun, I shall add some somgs I like Old and New and maybe you will enjoy these.


Back in the day when I was going to my first Rock N Roll weekenders in 82, Below is the song Zodiac- by the Rhythm Hawks and is about their Ford Zodiac, I had a Consul and a Zephyr but the Zodiac was like the Cadillac of fords back then.

That was a toe tapping song and that brings me right up to date and this time it is with this great young and up coming band called The Runawayz and are doing their version of it.

Now Steve Gibbons Band did this song when I was young and impressionable and I really wanted a BSA when I first heard this hit. I can hear Ronnie dawsons style in this.

The Kabooms from Argentina with a great tune. ” I got News for you”

Next up back home in UK is:
BOPFLIX SESSION with THE DOEL BROTHERS (UK) performing track ‘Futile Blues’, out on El Toro Records. Filmed in Alton, UK (Feb, 2017).

Awesome grungy sounds of the Delta Bombers.

Here is a wicked video filmed at my mates Vinyl shop in Camden. BOPFLIX SESSION with Sarah Vista performing new track ‘I Wish You Hell’, out now on 45′ on Gallow Romantic Records! Filmed at Sounds That Swing (No Hit Records), Camden, London (2016).

Now the Pringles are from japan and Bopflix recorded this, awesome to see.

‘Coming In Hot’ Pat Capocci RUBY RECORDS (bopflix sessions) BOPFLIX is a superb song as Pat is one of them Natural old style Rockin voices you will eat up.



Steve Carpenter

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