Few Tunes to Make a Tuesday fly by

Can’t believe it is already Tuesday, here at Carpys Garage I not only build Motorcycle, make parts and paint etc, there are so many other things , like packing orders and shipping all over the globe, every day- 6 days a week, now, sometimes to make the day chirp along, I like to play some sounds, and today I thought that I would share some tunes that make my toes tap and maybe, just maybe yours too.

It’s not all just about Motorbikes for me, I love Cars, Bikes, Planes, Boats or anything with some Nostalgia and Music is a huge part of my life.

Below is a great band, coming by the way of Bopflix Films is with Reb Kennedy

Bopflix Films NASHVILLE BOOGIE SESSION with Wild Records Artist – EDDIE & thee Scorpions (USA) – performing track ‘Like A King’, filmed at The Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender, Nashville, Tennessee, USA (2018).

Also featured on Rockabilly Radio. So sound up and listen to some cool tunes on Tuesday.

Next up is:MUSIC VIDEO for Rhythm Bomb Records band – TWISTED ROD (Czech Republic) for track ‘Come On’, filmed at Captain Ahab’s Culture Club in Cuxhaven, Germany. Available now on the album ‘Boozin’ & Boppin’ on Rhythm Bomb Records.

‘Come On’ Twisted Rod RHYTHM BOMB (music video) BOPFLIX

Love this – Recorded in the chalet at camber sands. ‘Gypsy Woman’ T.J. Mayes WILD RECORDS (bopflix sessions) BOPFLIX
BOPFLIX SESSION with Wild Record’s artist TJ MAYES (USA) performing own track ‘Gypsy Woman’ with guests THE VARGAS BROTHERS (USA). Filmed at the Rhythm Riot, Camber Sands, UK (Nov, 2017).

Next up over to Denmark for some Rockin Blues with this rendition: Too Good To Stay Away From’ The Kokomo Kings RHYTHM BOMB (music video) BOPFLIX

MUSIC VIDEO for Rhythm Bomb Records band – THE KOKOMO KINGS (Sweden/ Denmark) for track ‘Too Good To Stay Away From’, filmed at the Mojo Blues bar, Copenhagen, Denmark (2017). Available on the recently release album ‘Too Good To Stay Away From’ on Rhythm Bomb Records (2017).

Mr. Koko – Reine Johansson
Charmageddon – Paulina Åhlin
The Kokomo Kings – Themselves

Next up is some kicking sounds of more BOPFLIX SESSIONS with Wild Record’s artists – BARNY & THE RHYTHM ALL STARS (FRANCE) – performing track ‘Crazy About You’. Filmed at Switchblades rockabilly club, Reading, UK (Jan,
‘Crazy About You’ Barny & The Rhythm All Stars (bopflix sessions) BOPFLIX

Here is half an hour of grerat stuff to finish, enjoy your Tuesday, Keep on Rockin!



Steve Carpenter

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