15th Ventura Nationals 2017

Well, here we are once again, where did the year go? So this morning, Jennifer and I jumped in the car and we headed out to this great event that I have been attending for so many years now.

I took a ton of photos whilst i was at this show, people ask me about the shows I attend and what is featured there, so, here is a Looooong blog but wanted to show you all the great stuff that was at this years 2017 Ventura Nationals show and Boy was it a great one.


Jennifer got us there pretty quick and thats good as it will be about 105 here in La Mirada so as Ventura is right on the water it should be in the high 80’s and a refreshing change for the heatwave we have right now back home.


So, we pull into the parking lot and walk into the show, always a good mixture of Kustom, Hot Rod and low rider material to drool over and we were not disappointed at all really is a great show.


There are always New rides to check out and as this is on a big area, you can still get to take a photo of them with loads of people around, it was Hot Here but not like back home and enjoyed the whole time there as you could see the cars, hear the bands and look at what the vendors were offering.


Above, just look at that Caddy, that thing has been slammed harder than a weak opponent on the WWE Cage fight, loved it and a cool color that I usually see on Jeeps, worked so well, loved all the over riders as teeth in the grill sections, shaved door handles, Skirted and in the weeds, this was a righteous machine.


OMG, just check out this 5 window from Henry F- I mean thats the F word right there, Cleaner than Mr Sheen’s bathroom and just pure class this Hot Rod almost took my breath away as it is so bang on, wickedly cool, just take a look at the body, straighter than a Roman Road.


Above, this Flathead is such a work of art, I have a Flatty but not to this standard, if I had a hat on mate, I would take it off to you and bow very humbly. Barney Navarro heads and a Thickston high Rode with Two 97’s perched on top and the longest velocity Stacks I have ever clapped my eyes upon.


I really loved the Color of this GMC Stepside, complete with vintage Beach cruiser in the back , this truck was well put together loved the paint color too, a hard one to pull off at times.


Like I said, this is a great event and something for everybody in the Kustom and Hot Rod fraternity, it was a really nice day, Hot yes but it always is this time of year and having a couple of indoor buildings was good too so you could cool off and still check out cars and vendors etc.


Blown away with this, Westergard would be proud of this Custom Coupe, More work than you would even apprehend and it sure was a head turner, Brilliant job mate, well done.


Ford and Chevy hanging out under the Sun, there is so much to see here and if you have never been before, its worth the drive up along the 101 by the Surf to get to this venue by the Sea.


1958 Ranchero was sitting nice and low, dont see too many of these around any more and was stoked to happen upon this as we walked around at the show grounds.


Then a few feet over from that 58 is this awesome 1957 Ranchero, jeez it was nice pure Kustom with Tube Grille, Tuck n Roll inner fenders, Lakes Pipes, Fender skirts and Appletons, very cool indeed.


This 1954 Ford Lincoln 2 door Coupe has all the Markings of a great Kustom, look at that front Bumper set up, Sombrero’s and fender skirts and shaved handles is just a nice clean style, cant wait to see what color scheme he goes for next time I see it at a show.


Check out this Leopard print interior on the 58 Impala, thats Old School for sure, I have always liked the 58 impala and this was no exception, even as a 4 door it was wickedly cool.


I would of loved to have driven this Pontiac Safari home, Chevy stole the rear of the rood ribbed design for their Nomad and this is a rare find these days, what a cruiser and so much room with all them bench seats it has as stock.


How can you not stop and look at a Gasser, these are so tough and a Fairlaine too, Straight axle, 10 degree rake on the motor, 5 spokes and plexi with dump tubes, Groooowlll!!!


As long and heavy as a battleship, this Caddy was slammed and not because it had 2 Vintage push bikes on the roof, such a huge car and always love seeing these Detroit Rectangles.


I have never been a fan of Studebaker Automobiles, but 1948-1955 Pick ups, Hell yes, they have a Custom look right out of the factory with their soft curves and this is a great example for a parts getter.


Hudsons never get a good wrap but I like them, a poor mans mercury they say but I would take one any day of the week, just look at that, they drive so smoothly too.


Loved this 29 on deuce rails, has all the stance right and this is a quick Mill too, I never tire of looking at Hot Rods ever!!! 16 inch steelies on Blackwalls and a deuce Grill, Killer.


This little 30 Model A was Neat, simple and I am sure they have such a Ball in this Roadster, as I know i would do too. Yeah i would change a few things like tires and stuff but each to their own and have fun my friend.


How can you not have a tri Five in here, I had one even in the UK and have always loved the Bow ties and this one os such a superb Platform for somebody to turn into what ever they wish .


How can you not show a Big Tin Lincoln anyway, I mean, these were Custom right out of the factory, one of my dream cars as a kid as they were so huge and low.


See what I mean, how cool is this? I would drive this until the Pontiac hub caps fell off, love all of its 22 feet.


Now this is one Long bed for sure, diggin the fake patina and that seemed to be a common look this year to be honest but its a good trend and a great truck, next photo is the Aluminum work.


That’s some cool work there, I think Fast Eddie from orange did this set up and it really is a nice touch with all the aircraft styled riveting. What do you lot think?


Forgive me for adding a lot of Hot Rods but I love seeing them and especially Roadsters as I have one myself and this was a clean machine and wanted to share it on this page too.


Paint work was bloody awesome, so much work with masking up etc, must of taken many hours to get all these colors and detail in and when the Sun caught it right it was quite mesmerizing.



This 51 Rag Top had so many Custom tricks, a real nice, clean and great example of American ingenuity for making something stock look so cool and stylish, I wonder what the Ford  design team thought when he saw one of these when people like Hiroherta came out driving these as a daily car back then.


This 28/29 Roadster was really nicely finished, sat ontop of 1932 Rails and running Black Steelies on Firestone 16 inch Tires, this was a tight build, even has a nice Hallock/ Duvall windshield to add to the flow of this great Hot Rod, Hair pins looked pretty good in Black and SBC with tri power must of made this buzz along the freeway with ease.


I would love this Step-side as a Parts Getter too, so many cool cars either as an everyday beater or a show winning ride was featured here at Ventura and you have to try and make a show as there is not many like this with a fun atmosphere too anywhere these days, loved it all.


How about this parked right next to the other pick up, I would love either of them, cool patina and when you think back, All the farmers had these in California and all over the states, they worked them hard and so nice to still see them around especially with the quarter windows too.


Jeez, almost get a nose bleed from sitting this high, this Plymouth Savoy is a rare sight as a Full on Gasser, spindle mount Magnesium rims, straight axle and Mickey T rear tires gibes this machine a total look of 60’s Nostalgia drags.


I am certain that I saw this on the Salt flats a couple of weeks ago, now sitting proudly amongst the other rides but this was a hard core drive as i saw this all over Bonneville at Speed week and loved this roadster, not many that can be around with twin intakes in the hood like that right?


This was the ride I saw on the Lake bed in Utah as it has the 40 Ford dash, wicked machine that I will never tire of looking at and wouldnt change anything on it just enjoy the ride in a real Nostalgic machine.


Now there is a traditional Hot rod, check out the Aircraft syle shocks, the Early headlights of a Truck, Fireball caps on 16 inch steelies with tractor Firestome tires, looks like he got all the salt off it.


Now this is taking shape and great to see a slightly different twist to a Custom, Caddy thin tail lights blend in quite well, sits really well and look forward to seeing this ride completed at some point.


Gearheads Roadster Pick up was in the weeds too, dago front axle is a nice touch and Juice brakes all around. Baby Blue seems a popular color this year as well.


Way cool, low and love that Ford Burgandy Factory Paint color, Tube grill and nice roof chop with big rear fender skirts makes this Nosed and decked Kustom stand out.



Nosed, decked, shaved, frenched, lake pipes, Starburst caps, Floating grille, Foxcraft Skirts made this a head turner as well, so much detail, loved it all the way to the rear end.


It’s like Kustoms of America show, so many Nostalgic builds on show this year and really cool to see, like I said, something for everyone at Ventura show and glad we attended thats for sure.


Flatty Powered Closed Cab pick up was neat, not sure how it stayed cool with them radiator pipes but it was a neat touch none the less, section deuce grill was a nice touch as well.


A little bit of work gone on here on this 21 stud, early offenhauser, even has a Dizzy on it, complete with two 97’s and finned alloy Air filter covers.


Super neat little Modified was sat in the parking area, enjoying the Sea breeze as it wafted across from the beach a few hundred yards away. This was a nicely built rig, loved seeing it here.


How about this, the big guns were out, chopped Olds 4 door looked really tough as it sat on the concrete, whilst above a Falcon Panel sat on an early flatbed, that looked great as well.


Yup, even some love from the Low Riders were there and all as clean as their Grand ma’s Kitchen too, so many hours go into these machines and a good turn out too here at the show.


The paint on these are faultless, so many hours of color sanding and buffing alone, but so cool to see the Low Riders represented here and a few more photos coming up for you to look at.


As we wondered around the show grounds, I took photos of what I personally liked and hope that you enjoy these too as the quality was so good, its hard to show and appreciate sometimes in a photo but you can see how tidy the paint and Bright Work is on these jumping Machines.


Out side one of the Halls were these 2 Roadsters, very cool concepts and I am sure these are a real blast to drive around this weekend, its Roadster weather and by the beach, what could be better?


Just past them trees is the beach and a pleasant Breeze wafted in from time to time and a lot cooler than back here in Orange county, we found that out when we got back.


Look how clean this Rivera is, cleaner than it was from the Factory and many people enjoyed the Low riders here and I was one of them, these are all big wide machines too, love it all.


Loved this Galaxie 500, low and sleek with chrome 5 spokes and subtle scalloping, this Candy Aztec Cold paint really popped when the sun hit it, custom interior was Tuck n Roll and of course, what cruiser is not complete without a set of Bellflower tips?


Nose to tail, many different styles and Models make this show a hit for everybody, there is so much to see and there is no way you cannot enjoy yourself at this fantastic event in Ventura.


1929 Banger here very 60’s style with drilled and chromed front I Beam, reverse steelies deuce grill shell, TJ tuck N Roll and a Naugahyde white top with chrome Hairpins was sitting pretty.

Below: This little Boat tailed Modified looked fun to drive, running a 4 carbs set up, this was no slow poke thats for certain, schroder steering and Dago front end on Red steelies was way cool.



So much work went into this and I am sure nobody noticed half of the cool work and engineering that was finished to complete this Low Channeled Roadster. I really dug it and would drive that.



Reminds me of the old Mana – Free intakes of the day, frog mouth velocity stakes suck in more air than a breaching whale, Boat style windshield sets the styling of low and sleek but not meek.


Sometimes thinking out of the box pays off, this Roadster certainly did and Id would of loved to have taken this on the dry lakes to see what it would do as it screams SCTA back in the day.


Hard to imagine how many masking hours and rubbing down on this Buick Low Rider, painstakingly crafted over many a night in the garage I am sure, so many vibrant colors too.


Look how tight the Bumper is, a very straight ride with more colors than some of the Hawaiian shirts I saw people wearing this weekend.


Nostalgia all the way with this car club, and driving up or down the freeway to get to the show must of turned many a head when the public clapped eyes on these Low Riders, awesome job.


Loved this 48 Stepside Chevy Pick up, sat in the weeks, Chrome reverse steelies and big wide whites, the chrome was impeccable and would enjoy driving this truck around every day.


This impala was another fine example of hard work and pleasure, the lines are so sleek and the paint was as smooth as butter milk, such a clean 2 door that needed more recognition to be honest. All the trim was clean and straight, I didn’t see any blemishes at all, well done mate.


I will never ever tire of Caddys, I mean they are the quintessential American Automobile and this 58 2 door D Cup special was a machine I always wanted to have and drive, Darn straight too.


I really do love Kustom built rides, as every creation is unique, never do you see exactly the same ride and the body mods are off the hook, love the gradient roof chop, the rear arches really flow as does the fender skirt and them Cadillac Bumpers really look tight, love to see the Custom grill when its done, Sombreros too, just a wicked ride that looks so right.


Always something different to look at every show and this was, Candy plum and right in the weeds too, this mercury is probably the only one like this and deserves recognition of all that work.


Check this Bow Tie pick up out, the Aztec Candy Gold really pops in the California Sun, just very cool and many people loved this truck and you can see why, everything was so nice on it.


Brit mates Bev and Jay dean from Nostalgia ranch were representing in the building with 3 very cool rides, in the back ground a fully fendered Model A with a 4 banger, sat so right.


Then this awesome AV8 that was built back in the day and in a few B movies too was locally found and now sits proudly on the Nostalgia Ranch’s display area, I loved this Roadster.


Jay dean built this for a customer and it is a flawless machine, the paint was flawless and Camel Hump finned covers dress out the Gold Motor well, stunning job Jay. Really well built.


Hubba Hubba, loved this Teal 3 window, the whole color scheme just worked so right, sat well and with that Hemi I am sure it wouldn’t hang about on the freeway.



Stock A Bone sitting in somewhat cooler climate inside the show building but it was pretty humid in there, soon forgot about it when you see all the Hot Rods parked up on display though.



So nice, So Nostalgic, So Cool, I would love this, its one of those period perfect machines that you simply just keep looking and looking at, loved everything about this Roadster.


Looks great from any angle, the chopped and raked windshield gives it that late 1940’s look and Black on black makes this so stealthy steelies and dropped headlight bar really does set the scene. Looks like it stepped right out of HOP UP magazine.


What a treat for me to see such period style Hot Rods, I have loved these as a teenager in England and I loved the style, color, and the stance of this Roadster really nice job, well done indeed.


How can you not stop and look at this 53? I mean look how it sits, the chop? the Bumper? the paint, the rear end and Deep dish Sombrero’s, loved it all and so much work put into this ride.


Quality work here on this 5 window Model A, very clean and 50’s styling hits the target by a bulls-eye, great look and color too. A lot of detail in this Coupe.


How much fun would you have in this Flathead powered 1929 Roadster? I know I would, a great shop truck for sure, some awesome machines on display and so glad that we made the trip.


I saw no information on this car but looks like a concept or Custom design from back in the day when features in HONK, Hop Up, Hot Rod and Rod & restyling were the dominant magazines.


A lot of work, I think it may of been a 40 Convertable and then they went from there, so much work, would of liked some information on this build, if I find out I shall let everyone know on here.


Another traditional Coupe, Unfendered and unchopped with Original Cal plates too, flatty powered with dual 97’s is a bit of California History for sure, wonder where this has been over the years?


This looked to be a cut down coupe but sure had great lines to it and looks like the 24 stud Mill is dialed in, love to know a bit more about this ride too if any body knows, drop me a line.


Who wouldn’t drive this Roadster around? My god it was so clean, fresh and just proportioned so well, fantastic creation that shows passion and creativity to its fullest Nice build you lot.


Sorry for the blurry shot, too excited im afraid, but you would under stand if you came out to Ventura for this show as there is so much cool stuff to clap your eyes on here, Roll on 2018.


The Color scheme worked out well on this, sits well and has a great rake to it, digging the lake style pipes and the long Stainless spear gives the body a really long flow, skirts were awesome.


Yeah I have seen many Yellow coupes in the past but this really sat well on 16 inch Blackwalls and the Black 32 Grill set up was a great choice, Id love it and am sure you would too?


So many great rides here, I would love to take ANY one of these back home to my place, I really did like the proportions of this 5 window and the Motor detailing really dig set this off from many.


Right here, this was the Killer machine for me, look how sweet this Roadster is, I have always liked Blue, I built a flat Blue 29 roadster about 12 years ago, but this is right all over the place.


Look at that, lovely eh? Belond headers, Canadian heads, Thickston high rise intake Manifold, Dual Carbs with whispering velocity stacks and check out that over flow tank too.


Such a great Hot Rod, Crestliner steering wheel, 39 box with swan neck, Early Race gauges, Deco control switch panel was just something I could not stop looking at, so much was right on the money here.


Sorry for the blurry photo, too excited I guess, what a wicked ride and would of loved to have seen this on the road as I bet it is a real fun jalopy to bimble about on the roads with.


Another quality Channeled machine, right out of Rodders journal for me, awesome job on detail and loved the louvers in the hood and that dropped headlight bar sure is wicked, brilliant. I then realized it was a buddy of mines Roadster, Tom Branch from Pasadena, love the whole family and true Hot Rodders they go the whole 9 yards.

Keith Weesner1929

Keith Weesner’s Roadster Many years ago, I was always amazed by this ride and loved seeing it at all the shows many years ago, it just had everything right about it and sat so well.


Then unfortuantly a buddy of his was driving this to a show when someone hit him, hard- Sending Aaron into the air breaking his ribs and other injuries, the Roadster was in bad shape and so was aaron, but, pleased to say both repaired and to see this Roadster again after all this years, was almost a tear up moment.


Well done Keith a brilliant machine and so stoked to see her back up and running again and looking a little more completed too, will always love this Hot Rod and this made my whole weekend seeing this Roadster.


A superb job putting this all straight and getting this all back together, took time, patience, hard earned money and many many hours of labor but boy did it come out stunning, just real sweet.


I looked out for Keith but he was busy running around being congratulated for sure to seeing his original Roadster now resurrected and back to be a driven Burbank Choppers Hot Rod.


So, here it is all fixed and boy does it look a million dollars, I am truly stoked for your Keith and know that you smile every time you turn that key and hear that Flathead V8 fire back into life again.


Saw this little 5 window Baking in the Sun in its Flat Black coat of paint, wasn’t until I looked at the photos I noticed it had a Cam shaft as a spreader bar, its all in the details eh?


I didnt get as cool as a shot as I was hoping but this sure had a lot of work done and I had not seen this car before so had to take a shot, albeit it came out a little dark but nice to see.


So many cars had flaked tops this year, great to see and people really have no idea on how hard it is to sand, mask and paint roofs, but loved looking at these on a sunny day here.


From one flake ride to another that had the whole body sprayed with so much flake, I think it may of even reflected to the Sun and blinded it, this must of taken month to paint to this level.


the devils in the Details and look how detailed and perfect this is, the lines across the hood to the fender line up just right, kudos to the painter and I hope a well deserved tip and crate of beer.


More Low riders but this time in one of the halls that were located inside the fair grounds, a little more cooler but hell, the humidity was off the bloody hook in there.


This Banana Painted 58 Impala was tricked out and had all the cool accessories of the day in it as well, you would not lose this in a parking lot thats for certain.


How tough was this Merc? My mate Kevan Sledge builds wicked sleds like this and it reminded of my days hanging with the Shifters, this had a great look to it and I bet it looks great going down the highway as it just sat so nice on the ground.


I have always loved Burgundy, mostly because the Fords had this color but it sure looks so fitting on this Bow tie, nice ride and has the old school accents of Appleton’s and Skirts to finish it off.


I dig this Apache, I would just drive the 5 spokes off it as it right now, and still enough room for parts to throw in the bed, big strong Chevy Pick ups look great like this and the owner nailed it.


What a colorful and cool line up of Rides here in one spot, so many great machines were parked all over the fair grounds and it was sweet to be able to get up so close and personal.


Been a while since I have been to a show , where I have falling in love with so many rides, but there were so many cool builds this year and it was a thrill to be able to walk around and check them out this weekend, I really did have a great time checking everything out at Ventura.


Blue skies, Palm trees, Great rides, cold beverages, and great music was the order of the day here and so much of it, this is no small show by any means and one of the friendliest too.


Loved the work on this Pontiac, flows so well and the subtle antenna tunnel came out so well on the hood, I was very impressed with this car and was glad I took a photo to share with you lot.



Little Flatty Powered Model T Roadster was sat here, Sun bathing in the Saturday sun, dont see too many T’s around these days and this look like a fun ride to Blap about in on weekends.


Dont see too many wagons either, loved the pun on the Mothers name too. Probably the last time I clap my eyes on one of these as you really don’t seem them about on the roads any more.


At least some of you lot found some shade to relax and kick back, we saw quite a few friends and was a great meeting place to just catch up on times gone by.


So many great Pick Ups this year too, I loved this stepside with the little Monkey bike in the back, perfect set up for going to swap meets, this sat so well and was pretty darn straight too.


Chevys and Palm tree’s, yup, we sure are in California and not a cloud in the sky, with a nice breeze from the Sea, made this show a big hit yet again, so many great Machines made the trip.


There was also a few Barber shops on hand to give you a trim or a shave, and this 58 F150 looked really good sat in front of its Polished Airstream trailer that is turned into a Barber shop.


There was plenty of customers and this was not the only barber shop here, such a fun place and a good Vibe by all, this made for a Brilliant event and hope you lot may make it next year?



Check out this Little Bambi trailer, all decked out, get your hair cut or buy your Pomade, it was all good and friendly atmosphere, loved it all as I used to restore travel trailers in 2000.


This one was another full on barber shop and business was good, I wish I had thought of this years ago when I restored these but great to see this being popular and thumbs up to everyone.


That is one Happy Customer there sending love to me for taking the shot, These Airstreams are becoming quite popular and I hope to get one for the roadster one of these days.


Support your barbers, its a great trade to have and what better way to get your Noggin freshened up than in one of these shiny time capsules, your head or beard will love you for it.


Yep, this is the Ventura Nationals alright, cool Customs in California Sunshine by the beach.


Wow, I took more photos than I thought, I have to stop for a while and rest my poor fingers from all this typing, but hope you have enjoyed at least some of the snaps I managed to take for you.


Mind Blown, what a sweet ride, on the floor and is as smooth as a babies bum, loved the Gold Pearl and I am sure it was smooth to drive to Ventura as well, Love seeing all this in one place.


Back side shot and so impressive to see, these really are true works of art, love the way they have laid the rear windshield back like Anthony Castaneda used to build, reminded me of that great guy.


I see this truck a lot up by my warehouse in Norwalk, I think the fella is called danny and this must of been built 15-20 years ago and still going strong today, such a killer looking ride.


The amount of cool rides this year was outstanding, the body work on these rides are so smooth, just many hours of sanding, filling, painting and of course sweating, trying to get the lines to flow.


There were too many to have a favorite but I personally would of loved to have ANY one of these rides, look at this 53, I mean its so sweet, love the Stainless Trim and the tight bumper guard.


Palm trees line the road into the show and Blue skies with a slight Sea Breeze was really welcomed, so much to see and a really cool Vibe with the Music going, food Cooking and people laughing, that stood out to me, as everyone was having a great time and enjoying this passion we have with old tin.


Easy ups all over the place, people were all happy, and more than willing to chat about their ride etc, if you can get to this show out here in Ventura, you will really enjoy yourselves .


You will be surprised as to how many vehicles are at this show, it winds itself around the 2 main Halls and spreads over the entire fairgrounds in all corners too, so much stuff to check out.


The Big Guns sitting in the Grass look somewhat content to bask in the Sun, to the left was where Vendors were selling their wares and plenty to choose from and great to support them too.


We spent quite some time walking about and taking in everything, met quite a few friends that I had not seen in a long time, thats another great thing about these shows, its an awesome place to chinwag with buddies from afar and see what they have been up too etc.


Super nice Step Side that would make for one very cool Shop Truck- Parts Getter etc, I saw a lot of step sides this year, always great to see these work horses still on the tarmac.


This Thunderbird reminded me of a Gene Winfield-Larry Watson styled Kustom, these cars are so comfortable to drive and it must of been such a nice Cruise on the way to the show in this.


This was another head turner for me as so much work involved to get this ride to look as cool as it does now, I cant wait to see the Color scheme when all completed, thats a wowza!!!


So many great Colors and wheel combinations, took this photo as we walked to the back part of the show, more tarmac there and even more vehicles to have a good look at and enjoy.


Walked by Chevy Corner, Nice rides spread out all over the place and seemed like everybody was having a blast hanging out and meeting new friends in this part of the show grounds.


Also a good thing about this event is some of these vehicles are for sale, and what better way to check a ride out to purchase than here, I saw many great machines available to buy.


This was looking good and, by the color of the Dash , it could be painted a really deep Candy Purple and I am digging that,Love the tail lights, the rear trunck and Bumper set up on this.


Come in Number 9, your time is up, this 5 window sits well and dorns an early 21 stud flatty for its mill, cool 50’s style Hot Rod thats was nice to see hanging out with everyone.


Plenty of cool Fords to take a gander at as well, this hot day was getting hotter, but we nipped into the Hall to cool off and then came back out, the trick is to make sure you Hydrate here.


Here is the Raffle Car, money goes towards the Children’s Project and a very worthy cause, I wonder who won this as it was stunning to see in its deep Blue paint, sweet ride for sure.


To get this to have Suicide doors takes a lot of time and patience and this paid off big time, just look at the detail in this machine, although them Velocity stacks on that coupe is grabbing your eye too I am sure?


Look from this side and even more great Custom Body work was achieved, so many hours in this car, I just had to stop for a bit and take it all in, Machete is a great title for the car.


Take a look at this Roadster, thats sure is a sweet ride, sits well, awesome finish, show standard, but is that the owner? He is HUUGE!


if you have a Dictionary by you, look up Bitching Kustom Coupe and I bet this ride pops up, what a wicked Kustom,whats not to like about this 5 window, even the color is right on the money.


Just something about an Early Cadillac that turns my dial, the color also enhances its appeal too, how great would this be to cruise Route 66 and ride in pure style and comfort.


This warrants another look but from the Arse end, look at those lines, the long swooping rear fenders to a small shark fin, the wrap around bumpers and huge trunk lid its just perfect for me.


I love Blue Suede more than Carl Perkins and Elvis, and this owner does too, what a wicked low and sleek machine, this 2 door post looks like its a mile long, perfect roof chop too.


More Teeth than Liberace, this Bow tie was Clean as a new washing machine, Desoto grills are a hard item to locate these days, nice to see a lot of traditional styling on the rides out there.


Guys heading home and I am sure they had a really cool time at the Ventura Nationals, this is a fun place to come and visit, see if you lot can make it out here next year and say hello.


Not too many Motorcycle this year but thats probably as Born Free was only on a few weeks earlier, but, what was on show here were really cool, check out the finned gas tank.


This was the show stopper for me, what a wicked Trumpy, loved everything about this machine, reversed head is a nice touch and the dump tube exhaust is Killer.


Another great Bobber, Triumphs really do make great Custom machines and this has a ton of work too, great to see these here and they got a lot of attention parked up here.


Always dig these machines and hard to find these days, I wanted one of these as a kid but out of my price range back then and sweet to see here in Ventura with the other cool Motorcycles.


This years show was superb, Jennifer even found some very cool Tropical flower head pieces at one booth.


Check out some of the cool hand made flower accessories that this Booth makes and sells and all from California as well.  I took a few snaps just to show how very detailed these accessories were and worth the money, these are not easy to make.


Below is some photos I took as this show is for everyone, so only fair that the Girls get a look at some of the stuff available at the Ventura nationals event.


See how detailed they are, very Tropical and as Jennifer is Hawaiian, this really suits her and love to see ANY Polynesian art or crafts that has that 50’s styling and this was certainly it.


The One above is the style Jennifer liked, so she bought that and I like the fact that these are hand made and really exotic, none of that cheap paper stuff from Taiwan.


So next year, bring ya Girlie out as there were all sorts of things from clothes to bags to Sun Glasses, something for everyone and I know you would all enjoy the shows Vendors here.


One of my best buddies and one of the first guys I met when I moved to these great shores in 2000, Patrick has always been cool and loves everyone, he was running the Splinter Nationals and a fun thing to get into, Love ya Pat.


Cant go without seeing this Original Roadster thats been in a few movies back in the day, so cool to see this, what a wicked find this must of been to get it as the original Hot Rod.


Would of loved to have heard this Roadster fire up, I have seen the movies and even had a few lobby cards of this Roadster back in the Uk in the early 1980’s, who’d of thought I would be seeing this in the flesh, such a bitchin machine and so glad we attended the show.


So, we left the building and headed for home, what a great Saturday we had, saw so many great cars and Motorcycles, awesome vendors and met super cool people, so until next time.

We head home on the freeway and look forward to the next show in a years time, hope that you can make it as well. Thanks for reading my Blog, hope that you enjoyed it?





Steve Carpenter

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