Viva Las Vegas 18 Part 2

Back again with some more on the fun times Jennifer and I had at Tom Ingrams VLV 18 weekender and boy did we have fun and enjoy the Sun, Food and bands that attended this Annual event and be sure to be there next year for certain.

So, below is a few Video from the good old internet to try and show you what was going on for that week, I loved it and am so looking forward to next year and hope many of you can make it as its a brilliant way to blow off steam from the confines of your work place.

So turn the sound up, have a cuppa at the ready and play at your leisure.

Part 3 tomorrow……………………….

Also at VLV18 they even had a fashion show for the Girls,.

The Oblong Box Shop VLV18 Fashion Show

Jiving is huge here and they had a Jiving competition, something I know that my girlfriend likes to learn and we hope to even enter next year.

Below Sofia Wolfe had a few dancing classes all thriough out the weekender, me and jenn caught the end of a jiving one but I saw this on the net ansd thought I would share, traditionally the Stroll is an all Girl dance, but doesnt stop guys having a go.

Someone managed to catch a little of the Jiving lessons that had the dance floor packed.

Now, the jive competitiopn was won by Anthony && Corina From Los Angeles and the crowd loved them, just a fun couple enjoying dancing together, something I hope Jennifer and i will be doing soon.

Now for some Music.

Below is a cool set up that Tom Ingram did and its basically a time scaled camera at the main Ballroom, I saw me and Jenn practicing jiving around 6 minutes 10 but a great idea.

And now, the chop tops.

More car show video



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