We also have Vintage SCOOTERS !

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Oh yeah! If you think Scooters are slow and not fun? Well…..


Here at the shop we get many emails and phone calls about Scooters and the Mods and Rockers lifestyle is very popular now and its great to see, then my girlfriend informed me about 7 months ago now, how she has always wanted to Vintage Vespa.

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So here is a cool little addition to the family and I thought I would share it with you lot on here as many of you dig Scooters too.




Look at the seat I did for Jennifer, I found Original 1958 Leopard skin print that was last fitted to the rood lining of a 58 Caddy.

 photo 004_zpsc4a422b1.jpg







The Speedometer works perfectly. But don’t be put off as this is a little bike, the motor has been completely rebuilt.
 photo 005_zpsc1dd2d77.jpg

The side covers are Original too and just has that great old Imperial maroon color.

 photo 008_zpsbb2744e7.jpg



The Little Vespa and Jenn’s little Mini are the perfect combination for her.

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Come on- of course it has to have White Wall Tires.

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The headlight is all original too and 6 volt changed, it is now self charging, no battery needed now.

 photo 013_zps2ac25e83.jpg


Yep- The good old Choke and gas tap, screams Europe!!! For those Cold Morning starts !!!

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Yes that’s right a Vespa 50 but its now bored to a 130cc.

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Sat proud and happy at home and Jenn rode all over the place that very weekend.

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So, I thought we would share some photos for you all to have a look at.

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Just a cool looking Scooter for Jenn and she loves it.
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 photo 019_zpsaff5f48d.jpg











 photo 020_zps233e4665.jpg



OK, here is some old footage for you lot.




Steve Carpenter