We want to see more Girls on Motorcycles

I have been into Motorcycles my whole life, I have ridden with many and all over the world, but I am now seeing more and more Girls on bikes and I love it, my girl rides, I have some girls in our 59 Club and love it when I see a girl riding with us and having so much fun.

59 club meet santa ana1

This is not a sexist Culture any more, I have many girlfriend riders back home in London and admire their tenacity and style and we sure need more of it, so come on girls come and join us at meetup.com and go for a ride. That’s my Girl above on the left, she is my Queen and am so stoked that she rides, Jennifer has fun and I sure hope that more ladies come and join us.

girls on bikes2

So have a look at these photos and I hope it inspires you to sling your leg over your steed and come and hang with us.

People have sent me photos or I have simply googled them but the images have no Credits for the photographer or Model, Please let me know if these are you or you know who it is, so they can get the recognition they deserve for their hard work.


Take these photos as inspiration, some of you may already be riding and want to meet up with other Girl riders.

girlson bikes


There is Nothing Better than seeing Girls on Motorcycles, it makes my day every time I see them.


No matter what Brand, CC or color, Motorcycles are there to be ridden.


So lets see some photos later of you lot with your two wheeled mean machine and we shall post it on the website.


I know there are a ton of you out there, so lets get together and all go for a ride sometime.


It can be Stock, Cafe Racer, Brat, Tracker, Chop, Custom or just a Vintage ride, its all good.


Have fun too, its up to you what you want to do.



Its about having fun and relaxing, getting away from the mainstream of life.


Love this photo of somebody’s Grandma on her Harley, very cool indeed.


Be yourself and just enjoy the art of Motorcycles and the people that ride them.


How cool is this Yamaha?

And Below, Pig Tails and leather, awesome!

girlsonbikes8 girlsonbikes7

Get out there and show the world that you dont take any crap and you are in control of what you do.





girlsonbikes14 girlsonbikes15 girlsonbikes13 girlsonbikes16


Here are some more shots I thought that you may like to see.



girlsonbikes17 girlsonbikes18


I dig the Harley Cafe back home in London and surrounding countryside.


Come on Girls, get on the Tarmac and have a blast!


All business thats for sure.


This is such a wicked shot, I have t admit Black and white really rocks.


Thats it girl look back and all us guys were left behind, Brilliant.

girlsonbikes23 girlsonbikes24

Some of these photos are timeless, send us yours as it will be great to share with others.


This little Yamaha is a cool Brat style very popular right now.




Be it a Triumph or Bmw, its all good.


Love this shot of the Girl with her Indian.


Looks like its time to ride.


Motorvating over the hill.




Thruxton are a good size bike and I have one and love riding it.


Superb Photo.



Ringa Ding Ding Dinga!


Hauling arse.



Norton looks great but Mum taking dad out to the Pub looks a blast!

girlsonbikes36 girlsonbikes37

Old meets new and thats what I love about the whole scene.

girlsonbikes38 girlsonbikes39

Some more great shots of Girls om Motorcycles.


girlsonbikes49 girlsonbikes44




The little CB200T is a great bike to use around town and super fun to ride.


This Girl shows off her balancing skills before she rides the wall of death.



Plenty of envious people looking at this for sure.


How cool is LIFE magazine showing this?



Below, now thats a Cafe Racer Motorcycle.

girlsonbikes51 girlsonbikes52

How super cool is this photo and wearing all the great Vintage clothing back when it was New, love this shot.


Somebody means business on the Tarmac in both photos.

girlsonbikes61 girlsonbikesaa

Todays style is a great one ad a great photo graph taken.



Girls having fun on their rides, I would love to see this a lot more.


Watch it boys, this Girl will beat you at any traffic light.


Below is some other shots I have found and added but if you have any of you and your buddies, just email them to us to share.


girlsonbikes64 girlsonbikes63 girlsonbikes62

Yeah, I can ride too!


Two great photos here.

girlsonbikes56 girlsonbikes55

Custom Triumph looks great under the Bridge.


She means business for sure wit that Liz Hurley look.


Old School.



OK- its on, lets ride!


Tickling the carb and then fire her up, she knows how to start a Brit bike alright.


Cruising and in the rain, awesome stuff.


Countryside Cafe back home in the UK.


Leopard and leather, cool concept.


Warming her up so she can show the boys how she gets around the bends.


Still, there is always time to make sure all is well.




Waiting for the lads to turn up, boy are they slow today!


This Girl has been riding for many years back home and always looks cool.


Nostalgia is so big and this photo looks so original.


That is one tough looking machine.


Looking sexy on a CB750 Four.


How tough is this, all fully loaded too.


This Girlie not only rides but builds show winning machines.


Here she is on another cool cafe she designed and created.


Super Nice Norton.


I really like this shot.


Come on Boys lets ride!!!!

59 club girls

I love this French Built Trumpy.

Igirls on bikes 4

Wig Wam cafe racer gets ready for its very own pow Wow!

girls on bikes 5

On the count of Three…1…2…..

girls on bikes6 girls on bikes7

What is softer, the leather seat or the Leather jeans, answers on a postcard to….

girls on bikes8

Of course I love this photo, whats not to like about it.

Sean Capshaw @ Resolusean Photography and their website is:

 Model is: Chelsea Middlebrook – www.theimagesolution.com 

girls on bikes9

Fired up and getting ready to go out for a ride.

girls on bikes 10

Great shot of this Girly on her Trumpy!

girls on bikes12

Such a stunning photograph!

girls on bikes13

This Girl reminds me of my Girlfriend Jennifer.

girls on bikes 14

Back in the day and a rare shot too on this Tiger.

girls on bikes15

I bet this turned all the boys heads as it did mine.

girls on bikes 16

Yaaah! Time to ride with the 59 Club OC.

girls on motorcycles 17

Looking on in a really cool Belstaff Jacket.

girls on motorcycles

OK, last photo but she is heading out to meet her friends and we sure hope we get to meet some of you.

girls on bikes 17

Thanks for looking.

Please send any information about these images to me as there was no credits to the photo or model, as i want to give them the recignition that they so truly deserve.



Steve Carpenter

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