To My MUM, You will always be in my heart!

Well, today is a sad day for me as May the 28th Our Mum will be cremated and her ashes scattered in a tranquil and very green part of the South west of England, where she will be with her Husband (Dave) once again. it is a tough time today as I am so far from Mums place, but I was there by her bedside so she could see her two lads were there for her.



You think your MUM is invincible as she has worked hard all her life, working 2 jobs and then volunteering too, she was a very kind and loving person and now she is resting in a far better place and I know that she is looking down on us and she will be smiling.




This is for you MUM.


If Roses Grow in Heaven Lord

Please pick a bunch for me.

Place them in my Mothers Arms

and tell her they’re from me.

Tell her I love and miss her and

when she turns to smile,

Place a kiss upon her cheek and

hold her for a while.

Because remembering her is easy,

I do it everyday,

But there’s an ache within my heart that will never go away.

I have never felt as crushed as this before, losing your MUM is something that I cannot explain, she bought you into this world and taught you the best she could, gave you all she could and hoped that you would find your own way in life but always have her in your mind.


Today I work at half speed and will be taking some time to stop, reflect and shed a tear or two to say a farewell to my MUM, I will never forget you and all you have done to make me the man I am today- please try and spend time with your mum as you don’t know what God has in future for them.

Mum was taken early but I am sure God has a plan for her upstairs and she is now no longer in Pain, Cancer is the Devil and does not care who it takes on.

I remember Mum said to me once, ” Parenting without a sense of humour, is like an accountant that is terrible at maths!”

But I have always tried to be funny and humorous as life with no smiles is a daunting one!  And I think My brother Mick, and I will always be gregarious and animated in what we do and I thank Mum for that.

So today is a day for our MUM, gone but never ever forgotten.


Below is a Video of Rowcroft Hospice and this is the Place that Our Mum was cared for, I spent 10 days with my Brother Mick, sister in law Pauline and my Cousin Julie at mums bedside, I have never seen so much care and love at a place such as this, Mum was in the best place and with a view of the wooded area and green pastures it was absolutely breathtaking to see how this all comes together.

I never realized how much a charity run place exists entirely on donations, and the cost for mum to be there for palliative care was almost $1000 a day.
So what I want to do is build a Motorcycle in memory of our dear MUM and then Raffle off, with ALL proceeds- I will donate to Rowcroft Hospice to say thank you for all their hard work and care that is mind blowing.
Mum was in the best place to say goodbye and at 2:14 am on May 9th Mum Passed away pain free.


I cannot thank My Brother  Mick and his great wife Pauline who is also a nurse, for all the love and care they gave Mum, thanks so much.


And to my Girlfriend Jennifer who I do not know what I would do without her as her love and support is second to none, I love you Jenn.

With a Carnival theme, we counted the ladies out and back again!
Thank you Rowcroft for your awesome care, you made us all feel like part of a big family and something that I shall never forget.




Steve Carpenter

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