A Day at the Races, here we are at Irwindale Drag way for the NHRA SUMMIT series and boy what a nice day it turned out to be in Southern California.

Great Photos by Adam LaVelle of Loose Nut Photography.



Here we are with Gold Star Racing groups 2 top Motorcycles care of Kawasaki and sat on the track at Irwindale Sunday.

The date was pulled early so not as big as a turn out as we hoped but some balls to the wall racing that’s for sure, Irwindale had the Summits series on and this was a points meet and everyone needs them.

Now this time is great as Dakota Kai Sun and his Dad Aaron ” Twist the Wrist” Pine- were at some point going to race each other and now both on Identical machines, just different colors.

The day started of well with the bikes performing as they should, with clearly Mav Tv- Lucas oil, Penske Shocks,  Muzzy Exhaust systems,Shinko Tires working at their very best.



A little bit of wear on Dakotas Clutch after the 3rd run caused a little bit of concern but between the Bronze star racing group and friends etc shouting advise from afar- they got the job done.

Dakota Ran well and we knew at some point the heads up would be Father and Son, of which they have done many times, but this time on the same machines, same power and same attitude.

Dakota ran hard and fast and I thought he had doe it by belting across the line, but unfortunately ran a 100th to fast, it was a super race though and Bronze Racing came through anyway so it was not a loss.


But what a great sight to see, the Son and the old man having a go on the track and both going for the gold.


Aaron ” Twist the wrist ” Pine went onto the Semi finals with Dave the Mad man Miller, these guys are faster than a thief running off with a TV and boy what a great race this turned out to be and Aaron getting the win.

These guys are great, everyone has fun when its time and gets serious when on the tarmac but sure is great for the likes of me- a mere spectator to watch these bikes roar down the track in mid 5 second passes.

Aaron warms the rear tire up for his run in the final, temperature was starting to get up and he wanted to get this out of the way, there was some down time as there was oil on the track so a long wait for the green to go.




Winner- Winner Chicken Dinner! Aaron ” Twist of the Wrist” pine takes the Win, Dakota is still the points leader and the lads from Bronze Star Racing group could not be prouder. Thanking Kawasaki Motorcycles, MTC,  Penske Shocks, Muzzy Exhaust systems, Lucas Oil Products inc and Shinko Tires, for giving them the opportunity to show the NHRA SUMMIT series what they all about.


Come out to see the lads race, its a fun atmosphere and you get close to all the action, support your local races as these are wear Champions are made.



Steve Carpenter