Always plenty to do at the shop.



Wow! Almost Thanksgiving already- where does the time go I ask ya?

But I now have a New Helper- “Bailey Onassis Carpenter ” is now on the payroll, she is my security system and next year will be up to about 50 pounds of charm!

Just wanted to show all you out there that I have a great new addition to the family and boy am I happy.

She loves to sleep right now but I feel like this shop has a home feeling now and everyone digs Bailey when they see her.



Things here at the shop are as busy as ever, and we are going to be bringing out a few more other things, like more parts and more apparel too.

I have plenty to do and it is always great when I come up with another part or design.

We will be having all sorts of tee shirts, so keep checking back on designs, as you may well know, I am a mad Hot Rodder too and I drew the shirt above.

Below is one of our many lamps we are making at the shop and makes a great present.

I want to add more tee shirts and more things like exhausts etc for all models, like cb350,cb400 and I have a 4 into 2 set coming out for the SOHC next month .

So keep staying tuned to this website and we promise to offer more and more to you out there.


The exhausts are going well and getting great reviews with the owners, available in Raw steel, Black or stainless steel now.




Steve Carpenter