Another Ducati arrives at the shop.

Well, the service department is now receiving some cool classic thoroughbred’s, and this sure fits the bill in what we are trying to acheive here at Nostalgia Speed and Cycle.


Here is an awesome 1974 Ducati 750 SS, of which is a true Cafe Racer from the factory.



This does also have a fairing, but for now we shall be servicing this, as she is – and the bevel driven motor sounds so mechanical compared with the other breeds of its era, so, we are stoked to receive another Ducati in a space of 2 weeks.



Very collectable these days and I am surprised to see another model and a similar color too.

The Dellorto carb just looks sexy as hell, just the Bell mouth is an awesome piece and reflects the days of racing, I can almost smell the petrol.

Hang on ! I can…Crap!   The Petcock is still on..



Steve Carpenter