Another Tin Basher pop’s into the shop to say Hello.

Well, just wanted to drop a few pics of another fellow Hot Rodder, coming to check us out at the shop, we get people from all over the globe stop by, out Service is great, but our Coffee sucks, mind you, that’s why I drink tea.

I guess this guy loves using small arms on the weekends?

Careful kid, you’ll shoot your eye out!


Not really a pick up, more likely its a dropping it all on the way home.

Mixing old with new!

Who is gonna grab that shifter when you are in this ride with ya Mom.?

I guess he has a small fleet of gas tank trucks following him, just in case he runs a little low?

Excuse me mate? Can I borrow your ladder?

Well, at least it starts and does not leak oil!

Stay tuned to the Blogs, as you never know what is going to turn up at the shop and always a fun time for sure.

Thank’s for dropping by guys and look forward to seeing you lot again soon.



Steve Carpenter