David Beckham – Custom Bonneville


Win our very own replica of the Triumph that David Beckham rode up the amazon.

David Beckham Into the Unknown

At the end of 2015, Motolegends will be giving away in a free prize draw its very own replica of the Triumph Bonneville that David Beckham and his pals rode into the Amazon Rain Forest last year. To enter, all we need is your name, physical and email addresses, and a telephone number.





So here are a few shots of the bike to have a look at and see if you want to register to win this Trumpy.


A great prize for someone out there and I am sure there but we cannot apply here in the states for it and thats unfair I think.


Take a close look at these photos and see if any of them turn your dial, but this is a cool give away to be honest.


 Arrow exhaust set up sounds pretty darn cool to be honest and wouldnt mind it myself, but as I love in California I cant even have a go at winning this.
The bike sits pretty well and somebody is going to be a lucky so and so to get this bike but its a REPLICA it is NOT Beckhams.
Hard to see if this has 31,000 Miles or 81,00 if thats the case then this is not worth as much as you may think as the motor will be tired if no service history is shown.
I must admit the paint looks a little rough on the Motor, but it is a giveaway bike none the less.
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See what you think.
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What’s this all about?

Shortly after the TV documentary about David Beckham’s trip to the Amazon had aired, we decided it would be fun to create our own replica of his bike.

We thought it was a cool looking machine that would be fun to ride; and that we could use it on our stands at some of the events we go to.

But then somebody, in their infinite wisdom, decided that it would be a good idea to give it away in a free prize draw.

And so here we are!



Win Beckhams bike

To enter the competition, all you have to do is complete the entry form above.

The only stipulations are that you must complete all the fields and be a UK resident. We need your name, your home address, your email address, and a phone number. If any of the fields are empty, you won’t be entered. Sorry!



Beckham Bike



We’ll be announcing the winner during the NEC Motorcycle Show in November.

Anyway, good luck. All we can say is that the bike is a stunner, and already we’re jealous that someone other than us is going to have it in their garage, and get to ride it whenever they want!





Steve Carpenter

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