Bizarre Videos for Friday!

Well, Happy Friday, today I am flat out with a zillion things to do but wanted to do a blog as I get many emails about  we do and people follow my Blogs all over the globe.

So below is a most unusual video that is shot very Well on a trumpy and thought, well, i have no clue about the story line  but its something to watch.


Now below, do you like revving your motorcycle, this chap seems to think he can make sweet tunes on his machines and sounds more like he is trying to learn morse code, I couldnt watch it for long but some nutters out there for sure.

From nut jobs to complete maniacs, Not sure why his girlfriend would even jump on a bike with no helmet but this could of ended so badly.

Just a compilation of fails for you to finish off the blog, hope you enjoy it.



Steve Carpenter