British Day at Olde Ship Inn Santa Ana

Well, St Georges day was Saturday and what better event than to celebrate it than going to a British Pub with British cars and Motorbikes on display for all to see and of course enjoy.

We always have fun on the rides and meet ups that we attend and like to show it on the website to share with you lot too.


Steve Martinez rocks up on his Black Thruxton.

We all met up near my shop in Anaheim and made our way to Santa Ana but chose to take the streets as it was a great day for cruisning about on a Sunday.

Weather was awesome and the ride was a breeze going to Santa Ana, the British pub is called “The Olde Ship” so try and check it out when you can.

The parking lot was great for todays meet up and close to the freeway makes it easy to get to.

We were fast to get some shade under the tree and worked out to be a superb day for us all.

James O’Donnell and Andrew Fiallo have a good chin wag as meeting up with mates is always good and plenty to catch up on too.

The 2 Steve’s chill out as we all get ready to have a look at all the British cars that turned up for a belated St Georges day.

James “Oakley” O’Donnell has always made the meetings we have had and is a great 59 Club member who enjoys riding his Thruxton.

Steve Martinez has his Thruxton all kitted out and rides all over the place, a great guy too.

Amanda and Steve parked up with their Bonneville’s respectively.

Steve Fellons Plate says it all about the club to be honest- Nice one Matey!

Barry “Bare” Baxter rides his Guzzi everywhere.

Been A Racer, A pilot and even A software engineer, a great addition to the 59 Club Family and is a fun bloke.

Refusing to compromise with a lower seat or shocks, Bare sometimes gets a little out of shape until the wheels are rolling but- we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now- Don’t hit that Bloody bus mate.


In the Car park where we hung out with all the Brit cars, it was a fun day with free pint of beer and fish and chips too!

Amanda and Andrew are a great couple and both ride with us and each other, Loves a funny thing eh?

Amanda and Andrew ride a lot together and its great to see, Motorcycling is fun and so much you can do and get to easier on 2 wheels.

Andrew prefers the off road trail style of Triumph, the Scrambler is a very versatile motorcycle and I am sure he gets to many great areas on it.

The weather was perfect for this event and sure glad that we were lucky enough to park up under some shade as it got pretty hot.

James, Matt and Eric chew the fat on this British day, our club has a varied range of ages which makes for a fun time.

Matts Bonneville has had quite a few changes and he likes the way it is going.

Heading off for a Blap on his steed as the weather would be good all day.

My mate Steve Dennish Of Limeworks Speed Shop in Whittier beckons his wife Carol, to get her arse out of the car. This Rover P6 2 litre brings back some fun memories for me as a kid as my old man had one when he started a Taxi company, great cars, Me and my brother Both owned P5 Rovers.

Eric jumps on his Tango machine and heads out with those awesome rasping megaphones that get your attention, this is a cool bike.


Its a great color and the first I have seen like this and Eric loves to ride around the O.C. on it.

I took this as I sat at the traffic lights, always great to see and hear the rumble of these British twins.

Below is some of the cars that turned up and the Cortina Mk1 Estate belongs to my mate Steve Dennish son “James, great to see these cars.

Yes thats an Aston Martin right there.

Great Vintage tin for all to see, great people too.

I saw this Morris traveler but what is strange about it is its not like a stock one, this was a sedan that was converted and looked weird to me.

Now, this was a different kettle of fish and loved it, even the color.

James cruises out in his Cortina Estate.

Steve and Carol close behind in the Rover.

Here are some more photos that I took of the cars that were there at the show.


Plenty of MG’s to look at for sure.

So tiny though eh?

I’d drive that .

Thats super cool.

MG GT V8 had a nice rumble to it.


Lotus turned up with a Growl too.

Bare checking out the cars and likes the Riley 2.5 Litre.

So much to see and a fun day it turned out to be

Just wicked.



Loved this too.

I think this is a MG- TC but a very nice job.

Plenty of Brit tin to have a look at.

This was so small.

Even a Roller turned up too.

I remember driving my Old mans Spitfire as a kid just this but blue.

Not my cup of Tea but sure many loved it.

A Pride of MG TC and TD”s sit in the Sun on this great Afternoon at the Olde Ship Inn.

This bought me back to so many memories, I used to jump on this very number Bus to Islington, and the old Route Master Double Decker was a huge part of my life, catching the 135 Brimsdown in Enfield to the Great Cambridge road was something I will never forget. “Fares Please”

What a great Sunday.



Steve Carpenter

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