Carpys Cafe Racers and Waddington’s Hot Rods- One Stop Shop.



Here at Nostalgia Speed & Cycle, we are hoping to help everyone with their projects and Idea’s.

A place to come and chin wag, maybe have a coffee and check out the number of things we do, sell and offer.



 We have a great bunch of people that are a big part of this shop and with out them I would be up poo creek with no paddle.




Well, you lot all know about me as I rant and rave all the time, but many of you may not realise that a big shop like this cannot be run by one Chief, and my Business Partner is a good mate of mine from Down Under.

Now, anything HOT ROD related, Kelvin is your man, this guy has been in the Hot Rod, Street Rod and Fabrication business for over 30 years, he has spent over 20 odd years alone, travelling across the pond to the USA and to the UK, showing his quality parts and services from his shop in a place called Castlemaine in Melbourne, Victoria.


Kelvin has his own Factory back in the land of Kangaroo’s and Cricket, where he manufactures on site, Sheet metal for a number of vehicles, Including some you would never heard of like Torana, Holden, etc etc.

Kelvin is the guy that Hand makes the Model A Cab you see that we sell in the shop, not just a complete cab, he can build you the whole ride if need be and has done many times.

If you want Model A sheet metal, again- Come to us or direct in Australia to him and he will get it right out to you, sometimes on the same day.

Waddingtons Street Rods is a well known establishment about an hour North Of Melbourne and I am looking forward to visiting the place myself to see all the craftsman apply their skills to the sheet metal they manufacture, as well as complete restorations of many Classics, Customs and Race cars that you would ever see.




It was 1980 when I started the business in auto vehicle restorations. My passion for old cars started when I joined the local street rod club when I was 12 years old.The business commenced in a small factory with minimal equipment & no employees.

Eddie & Janette Ford, publishers of Restored Cars magazine based in Victoria, Australia, were one of our early clients. Vehicles restored for them ranging from a T-model Ford to a Mark 4 Lincon. As the business grew the factory was extended & quality tradesmen were employed. These included auto body builders, spray painters, auto electricians, mechanics, chassis fabricators & engineers. Client base expanded to interstate & international. Import & export of automobiles & parts commenced in 1998

Waddington Street Rod & Restoration has & will continue to supply a high standard of work ranging from minor to major restoration projects.Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any restoration project you have, I’m sure we can help.


Kelvin has some unreal rides, I drove this 1934 Roadster Pick up over here for some time and it was a blast to scoot around in, all this is made by Waddingtons and we sell all these parts at the Speed shop.

 Yes, that is the fella on the left hand side with the Model A that he manufactures and builds for customers all over the world.

 So come by, say hello andI am sure we can help you, if not, at least we can tell you where to get it and you will leave with a happy face.




Steve Carpenter