Honda CB750K 1976 gets a little more cleaned up.

Well, I have decided to continue playing around with this old Original inline four CB750K series Motorcycle, and I think what I shall do now is strip a few parts off and refurbish them to a nice condition.

I think that this 48 year old girl needs to have some good cosmetics, so my plan is to clean a few bits up like: Remove the forks and polish the lowers etc, maybe new gators and hardware, after that I may fit the New 4 into 4 Chrome Japanese Made 341 style exhausts, that way you get to see how the fit and sound. I have a temporary 4 into 1 set up on the bike right now but think having a Brand New set of 341 style exhausts will set the bike off and show how good the pipes fit and of course look with a sound byte or two added for your pleasure.

Also I will refurbish the rear swing arm too seeing as I fitted New rear shock absorbers and a bunch of miscellaneous parts to many to mention as I go along, but- These parts are not cheap and this will be reflective on the new price too, I am not bothered if it sells as I can use it as a great parts getter and have fun on a low milage CB750.

So stay tuned and I will of course document this as I go along, I may have some more bikes coming up for sale so keep checking back with me on the website, this will be a fun adventure, not a show bike as I don’t want to strip to the frame right now but maybe later but I do have a few K0 bikes I will try and get back on the road.  So thanks for looking and hope the K6 will look somewhat factory when I have completed it.

Once that is done I shall get a few miles on it and ride it down to the beach etc and just enjoy the good old CB750K series inline Big Four Japanese Classic machine.





Steve Carpenter

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