Cherry’s Company – BMW R nineT Highway Fighter

I must admit, this bike really does stop you in your tracks when you see it, I am amazed at the sheer brilliance of architecturally sculptured pieces work so well on the motorcycle.

Just look at the whole set up, it is such a stealthy machine and god enough for even a movie prop, and i would definatly sling my leg over this steed and see what it can do.

Just begging to have its neck rung out on a freeway and I love everything about this machine from Color to Contour.

I am at a loss for words right now and thats a rare thing in itself.

It is not until you look closely at the detail and of course the fit of the parts that makes you grin from ear to ear.


I love the seat, I have made some with tail lights like this but this is sure a thing of beauty!

For six months, four of Japan’s top custom workshops have been tearing down and rebuilding BMW’s R nineT roadster.

Shiro Nakajima vs Brat Style vs Hidemo vs Cherry’s Company.

You can check out all 4 of the final designs on BikeEXIF. They’re all lovely, but Cherry’s Company’s bike takes the cake. OMFG it’s off the tap! We love it!



 A man with a Mission and he accomplishes it!


Kaichiroh Kurosu

He is a motorcycle custom builder, who has dealt with Harley Davidsons for over 20 years

With his thorough and exhaustive knowledge of the mechanics behind motorcycles,

as well as his exceptional skills that he has cultivated from his experiences, he has produced exceptional works.

His strict and absolute attitude towards making motorcycles accepts no compromise and has been perceived with the highest regards in his field.

In recent years, his range of works has grown significantly, and includes domestic brands as well as foreign brands such as BMW.

I think this is something me and Dakota may be able to build in a slightly more Affordable build but this is just great to keep looking at.

Its tough yet elegant and a real work of art, so many hours of fitting to get the aesthetics bang on!

I love thew fairing, it maye be vacuumed but I would like to see it in metal on another ride. Still kicks arse!


Modern set up is so key these days, I am now getting into a few GPS set up gauges and they look vintage too.


Love that megaphone jutting out like a shot gun, just killer details.

So much to look at so I will not waffle on and just let you enjoy these shots.


I would love to rip this on that Runway as I am sure its fast and wonder how she handles?


The names will be familiar to most readers—Shiro Nakajima, Brat Style, Hidemo and Cherry’s Company—but until now, the R nineT Custom Project bikes have been hidden behind closed doors.

The results are being revealed this very minute by BMW design chief Ola Stenegärd at the BMW Motorrad Days in Nagano, and we’ve got exclusive images of the builds right here.

It’s a masterclass in the art of customizing bikes, and proof that the Japanese builders are in a league of their own. The craftsmanship, styling and sheer creativity on show is remarkable.



Steve Carpenter

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